Sunday, January 02, 2011

so today's blog entry begins with the idea that burgers are good food.  And burgers from Freddy's are really good food.  Even though they totally made my burger wrong it was delicious.  I could have taken it back to the counter but there was a time limit on what we had so I just at my burger as is.  Compromise is good right? So after talking to W & L and getting really different takes there is one thing that I have learned about myself, that I can't hold F completely responsible in the communication thing.  I need to step up to the plate and not hold things back either, which I do tend to do.  So this way we both are working on this but we will be working on this which is what is the most important.

I don't know what the final outcome will be but I do know that I WEPT while watching the season finale of Six Feet Under we watched last night.  I knew what was happening, I knew what was coming and still I wept like a baby.  F didn't. But he isn't so much an emotional person as a stoic one.  So that was good to see in action.   But that is under out belt.  Also for the record I don't think that I have to compete with Angry Birds anymore, he finished the game.  I pray and beg that the people that are making the game do not offer up a new set of levels because I apparantly cant compete with it.

I am taking two more days of vacation time.  I didn't accomplish anything the last week that I wanted to.  So I have to cram a whole mess of stuff into Monday and Tuesday for sure.  I have a plan.  I swear I have a plan.  I also have to get a call in to the gallery this week too.  Oy... it's a great idea I have (which exponentially got better with a fundraiser idea that I came up with in the shower the other night) and will be very very cool... Making the call though is completely nerve wracking to me.  I am asking a huge favor but not alot of income for the gallery owner so that is the problem.  I want to fundraise for the School of the Arts here in Denver.  Had it existed when I was a kid I might have been more active as an artist perhaps.  I didn't pull my camera out at all today besides my IPhone but I am working on something with it, so that is something. 

I am enjoying Necco Wafers today.

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