Saturday, January 01, 2011

After the talk I can't say I feel much better than I did but a little more comfortable in knowing that F knows where I am coming from and what I need from the people that I care about. 

I am watching the Royal Tennenbaums for the second time today.  It was on earlier when I was leaving to go met GLove for coffee and conversation and now I am watching it before I leave to go and see F play.  I was invited to go so I will go.  I have to say watching this movie about damaged people makes me realize that their coming to terms with that damage to a soundtrack that includes Nico and Nick Drake isn't all that bad.

GLove and I met for coffee this afternoon and honestly there was the most interesting people watching ever.  Watched a couple go to the bathroom together, probably do a bump and then we watching him rearrange his dreads for like 15 minutes.  It was really amusing.

I really wanted to take a picture but doing so without their permission would make it unpostable so what is the point. 

Tomorrow I go and sell all my cds.  Finally.

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