Thursday, January 06, 2011

I am sitting here at my desk at work, contemplating a day where I am notcompletely baffled and dumbfounded by some of the same stupid shit thathappens all... the... fucking....time. Seriously. It's maddening and makesme mad. I don't know how many times I have to tell someone, ask even in apleading manner to do something and then they don't. Seriously... trust me,I am only asking you to do this one thing this way because seriously it doesmake the outcome much quicker and must much cleaner.
But noooooo that isn't what happened and the little switch called "bad pottymouth filter" got turned off. No doubt I offended someone, but seriously, Ido not care. I work my ass off to make their lives easier, I do so muchmore than I am supposed to be doing and for these kittens to not follow myinstructions and requests is pathetic and yes... loserville tenant like. Idon't largely have contempt for my cow erker but man today, just hit anerve.
I sit here also thinking and wanting to note that F was a trooper last nightand nice. We went to see a movie, and then we went to get dinner. It was anice little evening. Until the lady on the other side of our booth acrossthe aisle kept staring at us and then peed. Ah Colfax Avenue, so bring outthe bright moments and well... bring someone in to pee on them.
I am also noting publically that I am nearly a week facebook free. yeah...don't miss it at all. Not at all. I was tempted last night after I posteda picture for this deal that I am doing to log on and post something to thisgroup that I made and at least had the common sense to make anotheradministrator before I broke up with facebook... because the group really isall about posting things just to torment this one guy. But I will leave thatup to the others. I really am done I think and I don't miss it. But now,right now in this moment of boredom at work... I do want to log back on...but I won't, I don't think it's worth the hassle.
Also for the record a bowl, a giant bowl of pistachios does NOT a meal make

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