Saturday, January 08, 2011

I was talking to Mom tonite and she totally floored me with some nice nice news.  It's hard to be mad at someone when they come through and do the right thing.  I am not saying its all smooth sailing and butterflies in our footsteps but things are nicer and better and we are both trying really hard to make everything work.  I don't regret talking to him, I don't regret having the feeling that I did and certainly I don't regret that we are on this ongoing journey in this thing.  Which is what it is all about I guess. AND it is what I hoped for. 

And in really super rad exciting news.. art project #1 is in full effect.  I will post more about what I am planning and doing soon, but there are some little things that I have to flesh out.  But it's going to be very cool and really amazing for me.  I talked to the gallery owner the other night and he is totally in and could possibly be more excited about this than I am.  I am so lucky to have really talented people that I know who are ultimately going to help me pull it off.  And I am going to be grateful to each and everyone one of them.

F is off to the land of the tree hugger and fancy shopping in Boulder tonite to see Jeff Tweedy do a solo show for the Boulder Theater anniversary.  I am pysched that he was able to get in considering it sold out like a minute after the tickets went on sale.  So I am working to get some things done around the house tonite which is like a bonus night for me. 

I am going to head out in a little bit to go to an art show.  We thought it was last night but it was a different set of artists hanging so tonite I have to get back there to support the guy that I actually know that is hanging tonite.  The guy last night that was in charge of the show who I was talking to was such a player and was trying so hard to work me to buy this one piece that was pretty nice but I don't like being "worked" to buy.  It was obnoxious.  I think he then thought that I would give him more of an in on this project I am working on.  Sorry dude.  I am the curator not you and no one but the artists and a charity get a cut of sales.  You can suck your hard sale because it totally turned me off and anyone who you might send my way are sadly tainted unless their work is completely unreal, which is possible but dude... you are out. 

Hope your weekend is shaking out well!

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