Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Monumental day and monumental time in my life... lots of 11's today. My friend Suz is in heaven.  It's her favorite number.  In fact she did send me a text ... as if I didn't remember... she is magic.  So today is going to maybe be my favorite day this week because it is a little bit all about her in a way.
Somehow not saying that it was monumental yesterday was a good thing because I think that would have freaked out certain someones in and around me, so better to keep any pressure off the situation.  People already think I am a little batshit so easier to just lay off the ooooohhhhh isn't this cool rheteric and just keep it all in my head.
In other news, I have found a fantastic graphic artist that is willing to help my quest in making a call for entry flyer for my project.  He totally pointed out that I don't have to actually decide on the name for my event for the call for entry flyer which is very true.  I just need to come up with the basic details, determine the submission qualifications and I will be off and running.  Ok so I totally already know him and heart him so it isn't like I had to go too far.  In fact, he made the amazingly rad flyer for the Bocumast Hi-Dive Breakfast (which is this Sunday by the way, should you be so inclined) I j'adore as much as I do. It's super cheery and screams breakfast right?  He is so freakin' talented my mind explodes thinking that someone could just do something like that in the time he said that he did it in. 
I was going to cross post this everywhere but realized that this really isn't something postable everywhere else.  So lets get a little more personal shall we?
I am still not back on facebook and honestly... don't miss it y'all.  Not one bit.  The only sucky thing is I think I might have to get "back on" when the project rolls because I will have to have a way to post and invite in the social media format.  But I will do so under duress, protest and under GREAT annoyance that this is the only way people communicate anymore.  Seriously y'all. 
I really need to go and run some errands before it gets so cold that I am miserable outside.  All I know is it's really cold here and I am not just loving it at all.  Extra blankies on the bed and I actually wore a sweater to bed for a bit last night.  I am hoping if I go and buy some tea tonite I won't have to do that.  

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