Saturday, January 29, 2011

Such an amazing morning

I have to say...

So F and I went over to Second Spin and finally (FINALLY) dropped of my cds for sale.  I say finally because in November they sat by my front door for like a month then they moved to the trunk of my car.  We walked in and they were playing Nathaniel Rateliff.  That bodes well for them buying all my stuff.  Or at least I hope most of it!  I am not looking for the big cash in but certainly it's a relief to have them out in the world for someone else to have them for their very own, to love them like I did when I did.  I am so glad that F finally kicked me into gear.  The cds would have stayed in my truck for another couple of months I am sure.

I am home while I am waiting to get the call they are done going through everything.  I have cleaned the house, I am watching Law & OrderUK.  I have loaded some credits onto ITunes.  I am getting used to the new Firefox layout (I signed in to beta test the new version). 

We came up with a name for our project in June. 

We have gotten two more bands to at least give their interest in playing our little show.  Holy moley!  Sooooo very exciting. And one of them will be a huge draw, plus I j'adore him very much, so it's just this little bonus.  It was almost worth being back on facebook for the ability to have the exchange and have him say he would be willing to play.  I have to admit I can not wait to get my stuff together enough to actually get my artists lined up completely. 

I am not back on facebook for anything outside of communicating in relation to this project.  I barely check it anymore and I am all the better for it I have to admit.  I do though appreciate the quick and down and dirty aspect of Twitter. And dirty indeed.  I got a seriously dirty private message, but what was really embarrassing was that the tweet wasn't meant for me at all.  It was probably some teenage boy trying to reach his friend zoe and not really meaning me.  But it was really filthy and sooooo amazingly funny.  I treasure it and am bemused by the fact that it wasn't really meant for me. 

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