Wednesday, February 02, 2011

The one good thing about my Google Reader is... I can maintain a very distant relationship with Blogs and Sites that I like, without having to actually click through and actively participate in that if I don't want to. 

Now another thing I really like is that I can just unsubscribe from the feed and I forget the site even existed.  I used to find great pain in this.  What if I loose out on some very valuable information, what if there is a cuter than cute post about a craft that I will never make, what if there is an amazing recipe that I really may think about but never actually make posted?  Well I got over that this morning.  I un-subbed from about 25 blogs and feel a little lighter about it.  I had no hesitation and no regret.  People's tastes change and I am sure that seriously... yours have too over sometime right?

So... I am going to unsub all y'all.  I am moving on in some ways and perhaps maybe you all should too.  You can update your links to include this but I am deleting the Feedburner/mail link probably tomorrow.   It aggregates terrible, I learn nothing about the people that subscribe and seriously that is a bummer.  The information is just too vague to understand anything about anyone that reads this actively outside of one IP address and that is my brother for the most part I believe.  So if I am to interact properly... you will actively have to participate even if just for one moment.  Sorry but there it is.  You can subscribe through any rss feed.  That is the way to go.  There will be no more email feed.  It's creepy not having good feed information and if I am going to be posting I should have an idea of who it is hitting. 

so with that I am also going to, when ever I add a feed to my reader, I am going to email the person and let them know that I am now subscribing and am interested in what they are sharing.  It's just the polite thing to do.  See... here is the deal, I bought this piece of art from a great guy in London and I wanted him to know how much we love it and the only way that I could find to contact him was through twitter.  So... I got to thinking, it probably would be best to know who I am reaching and how.  So buh bye old feedburner feedl.  Everything else I can drill out.

In other news, work is killing me softly right now.  There has been a change in our staffing model in my department and I am stuck with the clean up from a past employee who just jacked shit up beyond all seemingly easy repair.  It's simply amazing how this woman got away with such a half assed fucking job for three years.  But she has moved onto greener pastures in the company and I hope that position serves her well. 

I have moved onto my second book of the year.  Just Kids was great.  Lush Life should be too.  I am sticking with the NYC theme it appears. It certainly isn't on purpose, it was just the most recent book that I bought.  I really should be reading the books that I have bought but it's hard to remember.  I gave up completely on I Was Told there would be Cake.  Sloane Crosly ain't no Sarah Vowell.  I find it insulting to Sarah Vowell the comparison actually. 

Ok back to planning Work Prom. 

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