Monday, November 15, 2010

Yep... no weekend posts... just ain't gunna happen

So it looks like Weekends will be my posting downfall.  Sorry NaMoPoBloBlah whatever... weekends just don't seem like they are going to happen.  Maybe it's because I have more time at a keyboard during the week day.  Perhaps.

So this was super interesting, it is a map of Colorado and it shows Locals Vs Tourists and the photos taken in the Denver Business District (IE: downtown).  It's a pretty interesting map, I just wish and this is because I know that the internet actually can do this because it is magical... would be to show the pictures referenced in the guys graph. But oh well. See if your city is in his sights!

Had a fantastic weekend.  Music, films, family, friends and the F... I mean what more could a gal wish for?  Man.  I really don't know.

The only bummer was not getting a chance to see my uncle and cousins who were in town for the CU game in Boulder, but they were rockin' busy and didn't call which I totally understand, but it would have been awesome to see them.  Maybe the next time they come in for a game, which is an annual thing, so yay!  This weekend was just so busy it would have been really hard anyways.  So it all worked out but still is a bummer. 

I got a cold from F and today it is kicking my bootay.  Whew something fierce.  But I will go home, take some meds and pass out.  I had plans to actually get some errands done but really it is probably in my best interests to stay in the house, in a blanket not giving anyone else this cold.  I actually told a co-worker to leave my cube earlier because she totally invaides my personal space to begin with but I said that I am full of germs.  I have to remember that when I don't want anyone around me... "hey why don't you back off because I am all sorts of germie".

Crazy thing though yesterday.  I met up with G after F and I got breakfast.  We were at the favoritest of places... City o' City, having Sugar Cookies, Cinnamon Roll Cupcakes and coffees and talking about our trips, mine to NY and hers to the mountains with Brits.  Fun enough for an afternoon certainly.  Went next door and picked up a mother's day card for F's Mom since yesterday really was HER mother's day (it was F's birthday) where I got some postcards, cute little pens and a clown dia de los muertos statuette. THEN if that wasn't enough, we walked next door to that and went into Buffalo Exchange.  I am far from hipster enough to "get" the resale fashion/clothing market.  Really I just can't do it.  I think alot of it comes from the fact that I might not fit most of what is sold there.  So we are walking around, eyeballing the racks and it's interesting for sure.  Then we go into the side room and I see it... a brown/black Persian Lamb with Mink collared coat.  yep.  If you were going to tell me that yesterday afternoon I was going to buy a fur coat that once belonged to someone else's grandma and that I would love it as much as if it was from MY grandma's closet I would have called you a fool. But yep. There it was and I did. And please don't lecture (not that you would) on the cons of wearing fur. I am not down with the over politicized nature of that argument. I really am not.  I hate those nut jobs that stand on the corner of 2nd and Fillmore with their really graphic signs begging you to "honk for the animals"... oh puhleeze.  It's annoying.  I love animals but sorry this coat is probably older than me.  Animal was long gone a long long time ago.  And I love it.  I would wear it to work but seriously... no. 

Wow I just coughed so hard I got dizzy.  I have an hour left and I can get home.  I also want to note that Saturday afternoon after a movie at the film festival, I coughed so hard I puked.  Yep, this cold is a doozie.  At least now it is all in my sinuses and not in my chest anymore. I loves me my F but seriously.. this cold that I picked up from him... not so much. But on even a grosser concept... his germies are in me. 

This is going to be one long hour today until I can leave.  I don't have any music because I forgot my hard drive at home so I am really sitting here trying to decide if I should listen to a pod cast on my Iphone or not.And why I haven't is that I have to put in earphones and I am told it makes me "look anti social".  Huh.  So I don't. But I might have to.  I think a little NPR is in order!

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