Friday, November 12, 2010

Yeah I just discovered listening to PodCasts on my Iphone.

I know I know welcome to the 21st Century there Zoe... what can I say.  I never really loaded music onto my Iphone.  It's kind of lame I know but I am not really an Ipod user.  But because we can not stream at the office anymore off of NPR or any online radio I had to find something to take over the misery of cubeville.  I usually bring in a hard drive filled with music, but now I have to encrypt all external data and password protect anything that goes on our network (it's a GIANT pain in the ass, but understandable so it's easier to not until I find a way to work around it... a la my firefox workaround).  So I loaded up my IPhone with podcasts from All Songs Considered. 

So this morning I am listening to a Belle & Sebastian show at the 9:30 Club in DC from 2007.  I am starting at the beginning of their archive and working to the current shows.  Its official, I have always liked Belle & Sebastian but haven't had the pleasure to see them live ever. They sound absolutely hilarious and this has just been a divine treat for a Friday morning I have to say. 

It's a really nice diversion.  Now if only the World Cafe would podcast the entire show each day I would be in complete and utter heaven but that would be super pricey (residuals and pay per play being what it is these days... I get why they don't and only air originally recorded music) but for me? It would be lovely.

Le' Sigh... podcasts of live concerts from years ago... will... honestly be just fine!

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