Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Os Mutantes

Heading out in a few minutes to meet F and see Os Mutantes.  I didn't expect to get that invitation tonite. In fact I actually totally forgot that they were playing tonite.  So what a pleasant surprise.

I am not sure if we will stay for Ariel Pink or not.  I heard an interview with him on World Cafe a few weeks ago and the guy while probably a musical something or another sounded like an ass... sure he played a bunch of shows with the Flaming Lips... but that really isn't enough to have me stay probably.

I was planning on baking pecan pies tonite but since I was thrown this musical curve ball I might have to delay by a couple hours.  It's alright to delay that a bit.  Besides there is always tomorrow afternoon to make pies. 

Also I am trying desperately to get over this cold.  It's been about a week and a half and I am really tired of being a little mucus factory.  Gross I know but I am living it which is worse than reading about it.

I hope that you have had a little magical surprise come your way tonite like me!  It's really pretty cool!

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