Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Heartwarming Message of the Day: Pixar Animation Studios...

Heartwarming Message of the Day: Pixar Animation Studios...: "

Heartwarming Message of the Day: Pixar Animation Studios employees would like LGBT teens to know that it gets better.


Ok so Dan Savage... here is an open comment to you. You know what? As a straight woman... it gets better. I think this is a universal message. Honestly it's not just about being gay. I am sitting here thinking... crap... I just posted this rant about how thankful I am about snowflakes and then I see this video. Damnit.

You know to anyone watching any of these amazing videos and stories... it isn't just about being gay I don't think. I think you could easily substitute any personal issue you have and or stereotype into the videos and the message would AND SHOULD be just as effective.

My highschool years SUCKED. Horribly. I mean bad. I was tormented by a group of girls that I called my friends. They treated me like total crap. They made me distrust people and honestly there are still hangups that I deal with because of it. But I think those idiosyncracies are ok now. So I drive everywhere myself. Oh well. My best friend would leave me EVERYWHERE we went together and I would have to call someone (usually my Mom for a ride) and the one time I went out on a date and didn't drive myself and meet at the location... (sorry Bro this might be too much information) I got tied to a car door and raped. This jerk who treated me terribly and made me second guess EVERY SINGLE relationship I had until F (even when we dated before F broke through but that is another story for another time) made me second guess being in a car even more. So even now... I drive myself everywhere. At the time... My "friends" were not even trustworthy enough to tell them about what had happened to me and I dealt with it in silence, which is beyond wrong. But it got better.

To those kids that are watching the "it gets better" videos and thinking... this doesn't have anything to do with me... wrong. It has EVERYTHING to do with you. Just know the message is universal. No matter what. It does get better. Fuck it ... it gets AMAZING.

I often think about the rainy night in August 1986 when I very seriously contemplated taking my Mom's car over the Cherry Creek Dam road (there weren't barriers then). I mean I really seriously considered it. I think I drove the thing back and forth for about four hours. You know what made me NOT do it? I haven't a clue. You want to know something else? I am really beyond glad I didn't.

Years later, I got to confront those bitches and realize that they haven't changed one damn bit. They are still awful people and sad. I got to confront the asshole that raped me and tell his wife (in anger certainly, because he grabbed my arm) why he wasn't allowed to EVER touch me ever ever ever again. It got better. It gets better. Those girls who called me fat and ugly and stupid.. yes that is what really hurt the most, being called stupid... aren't living their dreams. Sorry but I am. Nearly. OK I am not producing films like I wanted to, but there is an off chance with the technology at hand there may be something on the You Tubes within the beginning of the next year. Give me 24 hours and we are making a short. I may not be married with 4 kids, but gawddamnit, I have the love of my life.

So Dan Savage... thank you for making me say "it gets better" and thank you Pixar for letting me put my own perspective on it.

It gets better. The music gets better. The fashion gets better. The food gets better. The boys (and or girls) get better. The Parents get better. Trust me on that one. The parents? They get amazing. The brothers, the sisters, the friends... it all gets better and you have to stick through it to realize. Gay, straight, bi, transgender, skinny, fat, smart (or as I was called stupid), punk, goth, preppy, jock, nerd, short, tall, jewish, muslim, black, white, hispanic, indian, rape survivor, dog parent, someone that likes the color yellow, whatever you are being called...... it gets better. really really better.

And to the gentleman that talked about walking up those nine steps to your mate.... you made me cry with joy for you, sobbing tears. And without your story I really honestly don't think I would have thought about this from my perspective as much as I have tonite. And I thank you. I really thank you.

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