Thursday, April 22, 2010

Lots of stuff happening and goings on since I last posted.  Work is good and I am super grateful for the chance to walk in there every day.  Certainly that is an understatement. If anyone knows me they know I glom and on about this great job.  Everyday ... I appreciate it and am so happy to walk in the door.

I have made some strides in lots of things personally which is great.  And I can't get over how lucky I am in my personal life.  F is delightful... he makes me laugh and think and well ... there that is. Can't go too crazy with personal information because you know... details aren't my forte' here.

So ifn' you would like to come and see what makes me really happy... stop at Dazzle next week!

And if you are wanting to say hi... I will be the one snarfing up the amazing onion strings having my mind blown by some amazing free jazz played by some of my absolute favorite people.

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