Friday, May 07, 2010

Putting a better face on things - Roger Ebert's Journal

I am doing a deep dive cleaning of my walk in closet.  I have talked about this for lets say (just to be kind) going on two years now.  Actually isn't it more like five years? Tomato, Tomatoe... whatever.

I was going to turn on the tv and thought I would rather catch up on things in my reader and just went from the top of the latest posts and came across this:
Putting a better face on things - Roger Ebert's Journal
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Let me tell you... it puts so much into perspective. How we should look at life in a way, I think.  I find that Roger Ebert isn't anything but incredibly lovely and his heart far outweighs what anyone should look at in any physical way.  It is an amazing read and one that I wanted to share because seriously the man in amazing and deeply beautiful.   His Twitter posts sometimes are way prolific but he has so much to share, and this is really worth spreading around I think.

I will go back to my cleaning and reorganizing and clutter purging and I think I will have warm thoughts for a while knowing that there is in fact good things in the world.

F is on tour and out of town and on the road touring with aenka this weekend so left to my own devices I am cleaning which isn't a bad thing. It needs to be done.  I am overrun with stuff.  So this is a great launching point to get my act into gear.  I have lots of things I can get rid of.  Things that will make other people really happy I think.  Great clothes, some of course that I have never even worn with tags still on them.  Its been my previous normal. My new normal.  Keep what I use and don't accumulate.  One day I will have to move this stuff and I am not wanting to have it be a tremendous ordeal.

I have great tunes on the mp3 player, two really great music docs that I might pop into the dvd player while I document the donations and then hopefully before 11 tonite I will pack up the car and get this project completed so mostly all I have to do tomorrow is drive to Goodwill and drop everything off. I thought it would be harder to get rid of somethings but truthfully... it's nice to see some of it go.  I tried on every piece of clothing I thought I might really really want and if it fit it stayed. If I couldn't zip, button or get it on... it's in the donation pile. 

Ok back to it.  Sit down take a little read at Roger Ebert's amazing thoughts and I hope that the weekend brings you all great joy.  If you need me I will be in the walk in closet reveling in it's cleanliness and organization!

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