Friday, April 02, 2010

Finally inspired by boredom to update... it's a been a while.. I know I know...

So... here is the deal. I haven't posted much.  No drama and nothing to report really which is amazing.   So boring is exceptional.  But since I am sitting here at work completely and totally overwhelmed by some rescheduling I need to do, which means begging for mercy because this is a challenge in the first place... I decided to put of the misery and actually update this here blog.

So what have I been doing?  yeah so here is the deal. I have been listening to Lady Gaga.  Yeah. I know I loose some serious cool points and a shit ton of punk rock cred but here is the deal... I like it.  I am not shedding $240 bucks for one ticket to see her at the Pepsi Center in a few months but considered it for like a minute and realized two tickets is a refrigerator, which I would rather have thankyouverymuch. I even told F not to inquire about covering the show to get tickets. If I really want to go I will get cheaper seats.  But I really don't want to go that bad.

I have had a cold phelgm crud thing for now going on almost five weeks. I am over it. I lost my voice for most of the week last week.  I think I picked up the virus at a work thing at this hotel at the end of February.  I was cockie and thought I don't need to worry about germs. Wrong.  Not only couldn't I get the shower turned on and had to call maintenance to have them come and fix it at 10:00 at night but I got this stupid virus.  And there ain't nothing you can do but ride that infection pony until it gets tired and surrenders. 

Other news... I decided that instead of spending 40 bucks here or 50 bucks there on new accessories (meaning new purses all the fucking time) I am going to save up and get a real official statement bag. Even though I did buy two pairs of shoes and a purse and some jewelry at True Love (they are AWESOME by the way....) a few weeks ago... but that didn't count because I wasn't really thinking this way until today. 

I don't know what I am looking for yet, but I really think that might be a better investment than pleather somethings or anothers... or I could actually just make the jump and order the appliances my house needs.  My dishwasher hasn't worked for a year or so nearly (remember the great Mousecapade of 2009? yeah that was part of it).

Took some pictures at some shows, go click on the flickr to catch the scoop.  I do have to post my pictures that I took last weekend at the Bottesini Project Recording show last Saturday night.  I just want to actually clean them up a little bit (which I NEVER actually do) and then I will post them.

Didn't get ANY pictures at Nuns of Brixton at what may possibly be the last punk show to ever happen at the Merc (nor for any reason other than the vibe has changed there) in the middle of March, which is a bummer because I was trying to shoot some video which got marred by a young man verrrry happy it was St. Patricks Day and that there was a video camera present so you will have to rock your socks off through my Lions Lair one:

Lets see what else?  Um.... two years man.  Good times.  Fun times.  I can honestly say with that I have made some pretty major changes almost all for the better actually.  I am a very fortunate chickadoo.  Sometimes I have to pinch myself because seriously ...

So Spring is starting to happen round these parts which is glorious thing because I really delved the last month or so in the winter blahs, no posts, very few photos, largely uninspired for most of it so I am looking forward to the upward swing of not only having longer days, but busier at work, more amazing shows to see and the like.  Its gunna be great I can just tell!

Have a happy weekend....

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