Monday, December 21, 2009

So there are lots of year end lists out there. There are alot more people that are far more talented than I am out there writing funny or sentimental or serious lists more than I could.

I am sitting here on my couch listening to American Routes Tom Waits/Dave Brubeck episode. For the second time in as many days. I really do love this show and today even more so. Its a terrific convergence for me this evening. It's a top 20 moment of the week for me. How about that.

I should be working on thank you notes, cleaning, editing photos, signing up to get a photo of F and I taken for our dear friend's photo project (but I am totally chicken to ask him... so F when you read this... tell me yay or nay... hi ... can't ask you face to face but totally publically on my blog. What the hell is that? Oh yeah I am a dork) or something other than playing online. But my tv isn't on... top 20 moment too.

I have had some amazing meals in the last year as well. Being in a relationship with someone that enjoys food as much as I do is a treat for sure. There were some highlights! We have visited Larkburger (both in Edmonds and in Boulder) and truly the highlight is their Truffle Parmesan fries in my opinion (besides the totally compostable front of house accoutrement and sustainable furnishings). Friday night we were sitting at the perfect angle to see into the kitchen and watch them prep the slivers of potato goodness. It's next on my list of things to try and make.

We have been fortunate enough to have a sorta anniversary dinner (it was more important to me than F- which was fine- I just felt so lucky to be able to be anywhere with him for a a year at that point I had to go someplace special) at Frasca Food and Wine. We sat at the bar waiting for our reservation and the bartender treated us to some of the finest vermouth I have ever tasted. Straight off the bottle with a little twist of lemon rind oil to bring out the flavors. Everything there is so divine but I have to point out that I had the absolute best risotto of my life that F was actually willing to share with me and he shouldn't have because I wanted to eat the whole thing.

Many of our weekend breakfasts include some on the beaten path favorites. But I have two favorites... the newly opened Toast in Cherry Creek, their Sante Fe French Toast is amazing and sharing a side of pancakes always opens up the day for goodness.

I am also of course willing to wait as long as it takes to have breakfast at Lucilles. For some reason their grits are better than anything, the biscuits are only more amazing with their homemade strawberry rhubarb jam and the buttery (almost burbouny) syrup for the french toast is divine. Their source for their Andouille sausage is my next quest! Just the right amount of smoke and heat. It made me happy on Sunday when we were there. And happy this morning eating the leftover link.

Another favorite breakfast place is also Argylle for their weekend brunch. What actually got me in there over the summer was the enticement of bottomless mango mimosas. I don't drink in the mornings usually but thought it would be interesting to try, but seriously I never actually got past the coffee. This summer (as they have seasonal menus) the fresh french toast had a chantilly whipped cream blushing with a taste of lavendar and strung with fresh fruits and basil I was in heaven. The fall/winter pumpkin french toast is also as divine. I substituted the sausage for the maple bacon which is absolutely heaven on the tongue... crispy fatty salty and sweet and chewy on the ends. This is one of my favorite weekend jaunts.

I got to see some amazing shows and hang out with some really fantastic people:

This certainly could sum up my entire year:
Meadowlark January 27 2008 Last Dave K hosted Jam

There are other highlights of course:

I was saved by Slim Ceassna's Auto Club twice!
Slim Ceassna's Auto Club January 30 2009

Went to the Oddity Faire and saw lovely ladies play accordians
March 15 2009 The Oddity Faire - Fillmore Auditorium

and perform the burlesque
March 15 2009 The Oddity Faire - Fillmore Auditorium

I was saved by the Reverend Peyton much more than once
March 13 2008 Reverend Peyton and Big Damn Band, Reno Divorce, Nick Sullivan, DJ Hot to "Country" Death and Pirate Signal

I learned that a good night at the Hi-Dive includes a wall of tabs covering the mirrors
(this was at the d.biddle show by the way)
March 19 2009 Hi-Dive Shenanigans

I saw an amazing human cartoon show called Peelander Z
Peelander Z HiDive April 10 2009

Nearly lost my hearing but loved every second of My Bloody Valentine
My Bloody Valentine Fillmore Auditorium  April 23 2009

Saw some Midget Violence
3 Kings Tavern Midgetpalooza

Mike Watt and the Missingmen made me wish for more of the Midwest Rock
May 18 2009 Mike Watt and the Missingmen Larimer Lounge Denver CO

Trent Reznor closed out his Nine Inch Nails
May 26 2009 Nine Inch Nails Fiddlers Green

Perry made me remember that Ted Should Just Admit It
May 26 2009 Janes Addiction Fiddlers Green

We were lazy and didn't walk the ramps to the Red Rocks Amphitheater to see Leonard Cohen and this lady was disappointed by us too:
Red Rocks Loop Rd & Red Rocks Trail Rd, , CO , United States

I saw Git Some play their rock under a mirror ball (at the Westword Music Showcase)
Westword Music Showcase June 14 2009

Wilco at Red Rocks (thanks to the Tweedy boys for the camel... priceless)
(if not really blurry)
Wilco Red Rocks July 3 2009

Saved by The Reverend Peyton (again)
Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band Bluebird Theater July 10 2009

Black Francis made me feel it at the Walnut Room
Frank Black/Black Francis Walnut Room July 28, 2009

I got to see Juliette Lewis for work
Juliette Lewis Botanic Gardens August 22 2009

I fell in love with and at the Flaming Lips
The Flaming Lips August 23 Red Rocks

The Happy Mondays and Psychedelic Furs made me wish for 1985 all over again
Pyschedelic Furs - Boulder Theater September 11 2009

Cougar Legs made me want to give up my arms for magic
Cougar Legs and Ieungliss Hi-Dive September 19 2009

Two Words: The Pogues
10-23-09 The Pogues Ogden Theater

Saved on Halloween
Halloween 2009 Slim Cessna's Auto Club  Benders

Seeing the Pixies play on both nights in Denver made me realize how fortunate a girl I am
both nights were amazing!
Pixies Fillmore Auditorium November 17 Night Two

Saved by the Nuns of Brixton
Nuns of Brixton - Lions Lair - December 12 2009

and wrapping up the year with aenka at the Mercury
playing under the lovely Marilyn doves
made me happiest of all

Aekna Mercury Cafe December 17

I wish you the most amazing journey of the next year! I can't wait for you to join me on my next set of adventures!

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