Saturday, January 02, 2010

I was on the phone talking with W and I started to think about all the really terrific things that have happened in my life over the past year. Today seems to be a reflection for a lot of people and I think, I just think that I am going to add my two cents (even though I posted show shots last week...).

One of the things that made me the most happy was becoming an aunt. I certainly had nothing to do with any of it and it was something that I certainly can not take any credit for, but it was the most darling, most heart opening thing that happened over the past year that I was not in control of whatsoever. My brother and sister-in-law have a beautiful daughter who is hilarious, active, darling and yummy I can't believe how endeared I am to her. I might be 600 or so miles; away from squeezing her everyday but I am able to Skype with them (which I also did for the first time this year - which was fun) and touch base which is a lovely thing.

This summer I was able to hang out for a little bit with my first love. He was in town with his daughter for a reunion and I am amazed by how not weird and uncomfortable it was. We are very different people from when we were 17 for sure, but absolutely it felt like only a few years had passed since we saw each other last. The advent of the internet has helped us keep in touch but lo' those many years ago had I thought seriously that I would be sitting at a restaurant in Downtown Denver having dinner with him, his daughter and my boyfriend as an adult I would have said "no way". To have both of my loves comfortably talking about music made me so happy.

One of the things that excites me the most was collecting art. I had always wanted to and when I was a property manager of an art co-op I never took the plunge. I felt like it just wasn't something that I was able to afford and do. Yet this year I bought three pieces. Nothing was overly expensive. Each piece was bought at a club. A club that I wouldn't have necessarily known about had F not been in my life I have to be honest. Well at least one of them. I enjoyed talking with the artists, realizing the amazing talent that Denver is filled with. I sometimes don't "see" the art anymore but when I take a moment to see it I am so more than pleased with my purchases it makes me really excited to be considered a "collector". I am surrounded by such talented people that I find inspiration too which is a glorious thing. I have a few spots that are still awaiting the perfect paintings/photos/art and I am very much enjoying looking and determining my taste. I have Pappie and his lovely bride to help me pull the trigger on my first big purchase.

I saw some amazing concerts. My favorite show would have to be the Flaming Lips at Red Rocks. It was the most amazing spectacle of sheer joy that I have have been witness too and able to take part in. I really am taken by how great the band is to their fans. I was standing on the side and talked with some great people that were around me. They were kind. This is a community of people that get it and they shared water and things and it was really nice. Next up would be a tie, and I can't decide between Leonard Cohen or Wilco (again at Red Rocks). Both are so different from one another but each show was totally amazing. Wilco ... oh Wilco... how I heart thee and Leonard Cohen was like being enveloped by warm cocoa. I can't think of how else to explain it. Next up would be My Bloody Valentine at the Fillmore. That night I learned that earplugs are mandatory, I learned some settings on my camera, enjoyed Tuaca, and had fun. The largest surprises were Sonic Youth, Pogues, The Wheel opening for Frank Black, Iengliss, Cougar Legs (the things I heard that night still have me in stitches), aenka (I am biased of course, but I learn something new and magical about free jazz everytime they play), so many other shows that I can't even begin to contemplate.

I spent time with a great group of people that absolutely make my heart sing with their warmth, creativity, kindness and humor.

Now that 2010 has begun I am already counting my blessings and realizing how amazing my life is.

I am making some goals. Along with getting in better shape (I have never been this heavy...but that is fixable), I want to read more (my bookshelves at home are out of control), listen to great music (friends bands count because they are amazing...), take better pictures and not just concert photography either (I have so many talented photographers that are friends who are willing to give me some lessons), cook more and live this wonderful life that I have in front of me to the fullest.

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