Saturday, December 05, 2009

So the holiday season is upon us.

Photo from Last Year at Mezcal

Hanukah is in a week, Christmas at the Vaughans tonite and for the rest of the world seemingly in a few weeks. New Years then Winter. It's all a little overwhelming I have to admit. I am stuck in this world of crappy gift giving because I dont' have much money, there is some job security but after the last four months I am not so sure (although the problem in our office has gone away, but that doesn't mean anything...really) so I am trying to play it low key, but with low key comes crappy gifts.

Keep those expectations LOW my friends and family because this year the magic ain't happening.

But I do really enjoy seeing the Christmas Tree lots popping up all over the place and people driving cars with trees tied to the roofs and wreaths placed on the grills (that really is my favorite, which is weird, but it does make me smile...broadly).

I have had an exhausting few weeks. But everything is better now. Much better. I skype'd with my niece which was all sorts of adorable and very exciting since this lady hadn't ever actually done it before. I was brave and spoke my mind about something that was bothering me and everything was ok in the end. I survived some serious sad insanity at work and walked away feeling much more pity than the anger that most people feel about the situation. I didn't go out much the last few weeks because I wasn't just "feeling" it and to force myself to be out at shows wasn't my idea of fun. I did see my friend's band play two weeks ago but it was so crowded all the pictures I got were blurry and not good. I ordered a couple of lenses for my camera so hopefully I can get inspired again.

The good news, the very good news, is that I am seriously surrounded (some close by and some further away) by the most amazing and interesting and consistently creative people I have been since I was in college. And some of those people from college still are around which is so neat. I have an amazing family. I have a really great boyfriend. I find myself wanting to yell how lucky I am but I can't because I don't want to be a braggart about any of it. I don't take it at all for granted. Not for one single minute.

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This year finds us a little short as well, and we have all decided to give *food* items that you can find at the grocery store! Inexpensive, but yet maybe something you wouldn't buy yourself on your grocery trip...
*smoked paprika* anyone?

I am glad you made it through the muck at work! Chin up!