Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ok seriously... this is annoying me...

Denver Film Festival...

I want to post this open letter to you stating my discontent with what is going on in regards to your festival coming up.

Your event is less than three weeks away... how about posting a schedule at least.  I was planning on submitting for press credentials but seriously if you can't even get your act together enough less than one month out from your festival how am I supposed to know if I am going to want to even review anything?  How am I going to know as an active blogger with more than a passing interest in film whether it is worth taking time off from work to go and "festival properly".  I have to put in my time off request soon... like today... and I can't tell.  You are messing me up with this.

Last year was kind of a bummer and with all the tumult in your ranks I have a feeling it might be the same is that why you are not posting a schedule?  I want to know what is up with you dear film festival. 

You have Ed Harris coming to get an award and Push (not sorta not) the film version of the very controversial for the time that it was published book by Sapphire... but that is all I can find.  Big Whup.  By now I have my days and evenings plotted out somewhat.  I buy a pass, and those aren't even available, just a 6 pack? What the hell?

Get you act together. 

I can't be the only one wondering about the offerings.

You have made me sad.

Yours, zoe

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