Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mylarism Vol I by Aenka

Mylarism v1 by Aenka. from Bocumast on Vimeo.

text from Bocumast:
new aenka music video:

Mylar-ism v1
Mylar-ism v1 is a meditative exploration of traveling water, ocean currents, and speed of movement. Audio dynamics are applied to the ring, which acts as a conduit between the natural and digital worlds. In a way, the music becomes a bridge between the two, allowing them to communicate, much like music in general. By using music as the medium we can both converse without speaking, while simultaneously using music as the format for which the conversation is made and the subject for which the conversation is about. Music or sound rather, becomes more powerful than language, the traditional form of communication. It is suggested that the properties of sound replace language and adhere to visual stimuli as an advanced method of communication. Much like mylar, music and sound have many uses that we need only to embrace and explore to diversify cultural understanding and communication not only across language barriers, but across boundaries of space and time.

witness this philosophical message live this friday (oct23) night at meadowlark bar (27th & larimer, denver co) when aenka takes the stage (10p). 21+

I will add that with full disclosure F is part of Aenka. BUT I would still post the video because it is hypnotic. And blows me away.

In other parts of my world I am cleaning out the pantries and the cupboard where my pots and pans are housed. I found cake pans I didn't know that I had, pyrex pie pans in the dozen, and a few pots that I didn't ever use. Tomorrow I will drop them off at Goodwill and try and get my chaos of the clutter under control. Why am I waiting until tomorrow? Well because I need boxes and I can get them from work. It feels really good to clear some of this out. Unfortunately it doesn't look like I have made any room because I still don't have enough room for everything (still) but I am getting there.

I got so stressed out at work last week I got hives! HIVES! I looked like a tiger (Mad Tiger RWARRRR) with pink and white raised stripes. If it wasn't so awful and uncomfortable I would have figured out a way to take pictures, but it was really bad and I had to go the clinic to get fixed up (since my throat felt like it was closing up I thought that might be the best place for me to go versus sitting on my couch not doing anything about it). It was a first for me, I have never had hives, but I have discovered the Benadryl (or generic in my case) and it's nature for being magical. Saturday night the second I started to get a little itchy, took one and slept through it like a baby. Woke up, worried that I talked in my sleep (I didn't but I do wonder what I would have said and what F would have heard- I hope that I would have said things about elephant shoes but probably not), but wasn't itchy anymore which was glorious.  I have also decided that taking the seizingly hot showers might contribute to the itchy so I have stepped it down a little. 

 Finding things good, getting ready to hibernate a little for the late fall early winter, hiding away some of my nuts and looking forward to turning on the fireplace and making s'mores.

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david said...

glad you like the video. thanks for posting. more to come. check back soon.
nice site.

aenka, bocumast