Sunday, August 02, 2009

I want to make note of something.  When I was 18 I worked at a record store called Music Masters here in Denver.  The gentleman that owned the store was a great teacher to me. He gave me a music education outside of what I was listening to at the time, which was mostly new wave and punk rock.  He totally made fun of the fact that while I was working at a record store (and one of the first in the state outside of Listen Up that sold cds by the way... yes they were a new format at the time... and yes I am that old) I would spend the money that I made at Wax Trax. I would actually call for the guys at the store to hold things for me from the work phone, at the time it was funny... now I look back on it and think it was obnoxious.  He understood maintaining what little punk cred I had by doing that.  BUT... I would get all my jazz and classical records at work (and some conventional pop and new wave too... but mostly jazz). 

One day I walked into Music Masters and I heard Bach playing.  But on a piano.  It was divine.  I bought the record: John Lewis Preludes and Fugues Vol 1.  As far as I knew there was only one volume. I played it when ever I worked.  There was something really magical processing and sorting and realigning the Top 40 Billboard singles weekly to this music.  I didn't really realize at the time who John Lewis was (the band leader for the Modern Jazz Quartet) I never really put it together until much much later.  I had no clue just how special the recording was.

I think my Mom and Dad have my record somewhere at their house.  I have thought about that record for years. Everytime I go to Twist and Shout to see what used records there are I look for it, but I haven't found it. So Friday when F and I were sitting at the Irish Snug eating dinner, before the Sonic Youth show, I was talking about how I really wished I had that record still. F got this little smile and said he has the volumes.  I was thrilled.  So he shared them with me. 

I have to say there are so many reasons why I just melt when I think about him. But this was so weird.  He just got them himself a couple weeks ago. I swear we haven't talked about it. That is just how in line we are sometimes about some stuff.  It is spookie cool. 

So today when I am wrapping up some show stuff, mostly shots from my last week or so out, I am listening over and over again to how great this is.  I really am so thrilled.  I swell with appreciation for everything F does for me. This is a huge gift.  I don't think he really understands (he will now when he reads this I am sure). 

I have had a great weekend...I am almost sad at 2:00 on a Sunday that I know it is going to have to end. Friday we went to see Sonic Youth (he got a photo pass and will review the show) then went to the Bluebird to see Akron Family (where I met a cool guy who I might enlist for some marketing work that I am going to be doing not income-work related) and to see our friend Dave sit in with them.  Had a terrific brunch yesterday at the new Snooze location on Colorado Blvd. We watched Basquiat last night after coming home from seeing (500) Days of Summer.  It was a great night.  We talked about Junior High School (we new some of the same people even.... but didn't know each other) and Junior High romance, I made apple pie after the movie (well sorta) when we got back here. I woke up this morning and realized how great a weekend I really have had. Despite spilling an entire bag of popcorn at the Mayan last night.  I am totally fessing up that it was me who made the mess... what can I say I am totally spastic when I am nervous (which I was for some reason last night at the movies with F).

Moving along... I am setting up to clean a bit this afternoon and maybe hit the stores to look for a dishwasher and new fridge (both need replacing... the dishwasher not so much but the fridge is old old old and has seen better days).   Hope you had a magical weekend as well. 

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