Sunday, July 05, 2009

Odds and Ends....

Mad Men New Season promos are out.... new season starts August 16 but all the trailers are cuts from Season Two which is more than slightly disappointing.  I wanted a slight glimpse into what is coming up you know?  Oh well... I will be patient.

Watching a documentary on Arthur Russell can't say before this movie I ever heard of him, so it's rather interesting and weird.  But this guy really worked with some of the most interesting contemporary and interesting musicians of his time. 

Listening to the fire trucks roll up Alameda all morning. There is some excitement somewhere. 

And the cherries at Sketch get their due (again....). Funny that we haven't been back... we should. 

Finally making an effort to go to the market today.  I wouldn't even mind taking a nap on the couch but that wouldn't be a very productive end to the weekend now would it?

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