Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Home Home Home to a thunderstorm

BUT while I am awake I figured I would make a little quick post.  I had a great little evening. 

The rain is filling my house with a smell of freshness that is unbelieveable I can't explain it but it is really glorious.  The flashes of light and ensuing thunder which happens right away is a little freakish and I probably should turn off all the electronics, but I am addicted to the internets and am falling behind on some reading... anyways.

Went and got my Cooking Dirty all signed and stuff tonite.  It was really fun and seriously Katie Mullens is quite the joint.  The Guiness was amazing I have to say... worth it.  Our food service was merely meh, but I am not going to kvetch.  Just not worth it.  I will have to go back down there and give them another chance... I don't know what the problem was but I can't imagine it is normal.  When our food finally did come it was actually quite delicous. The mashed yam,carrot concoction on the side of my shepards pie was freakishly good I have to say.  I want to find out what that was all about because I want to go and make that and serve it for a desert, brulee that mound of orange goodness UP.

Went to Twist and Shout and picked up a couple records.  I was really REALLY good. I went for the one record I wanted - Wilco (the album) (I have had it digitally for a while, but wanted the vinyl), and said I would only get three more records.  I stuck to my guns.  I got a Clash rarities record (yay... I didn't hesitate one minute to pick that sucker up and certainly didn't pay that much for it), Book of Love (shut UP, it was uber cheap) and the Cat People Soundtrack.  Mmmmmm sweet sweet vinyl.  I got some other drek too, I pez that I don't have, oy... those crazy pez....a notepad with a pen (seriously F I don't hate you for pointing that out to me, but why why why?  Ok it will go on my desk at work, BUT THE PEN IS STAYING AT HOME, that is the real treasure.... basically we are talking a strippy pen from the Uplift Mofo Party era... for me to buy that thing, proves I am not bitter about that situation anymore... anyways) and some postcards... got a great one for you Ms. Valentine! 

I was planning to go to see Jonathan Richman but why ruin the streak of NEVER actually seeing the man play live?  I mean really... it is quite a streak, this will make the what 10th or 11th time I have had the chance and not gone for some reason or another?  So it is a record and I am thinking seriously... I am going to maintain it.  I mean it was a choice, quaility time with F or standing in a potentially packed and squished Lions Lair with 150 of my nearest and closest not yet friends?  Guess what won?

Work is freakishly insane right now. I am treading water people.  They fired one of the admins on the floor and I am now splitting the job with the Office Supervisor. She is a treat and keeps me going but between the two of us right now we are doing the jobs of four people. It is quite a task for both of us to be quite honest.  People are getting impatient and pushy and I am getting bitchy and pushing back.  Seriously... I love my job and don't want these folks to make me hate it because they don't get that I am up to my earlobes in the mishegas right now.  Chill.  You must chill.  So I slam on the headphones and press ignore actually.  It is very passive agressive but seriously I don't have much of a choice because I have a hard enough time saying "no" that prioritizing the work load is getting really hard. F asked me tonite if I am going to make it (until they hire a new admin) and I said that I think I will actually but it's going to be hard.  I plan on drinking alot to drown my sorrows I said.  I thought I was joking but I might not have been. 

The storm has passed over, the rain is starting to subside and I have a busy work day tomorrow!  Sweet dreams dear internet...

Edited in the bright sunshiney, non-thunderstormie a.m. to add the review from the Jonathan Richman show last night at the Lion's Lair... is it like I was there? Well no not really I have to admit, but I am glad I made the choice I did to hang with Mr. F. I had a better time and did a little dance in a parking lot and got to test my R&B chops. For the record I was wrong twice. But that is a pretty good track record.

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