Saturday, June 27, 2009

So I have this problem. I usually can't watch movies with dogs as main characters. I get really emotional, I cry, no usually I weep. Lets be totally honest... cry like a baby. No matter sad or happy, there is something about dog movies that just makes me lose my ever loving mind.

So when I decided to record "the Dog Problem" the other afternoon, after watching a scene set in a car where the city lights were 'bokeh'd' and it was beautiful, I didn't really think I would watch it pay attention and enjoy it. NOT a great movie, but... seriously... maybe perhaps the first dog-centric movie that I have ever watched in recent memory where I haven't ended up weeping.

The dog was amazing. And there is a scene where the dog is walking, one really long dolly shot, with Missing Person's Walking In L.A. playing. It is a hilarious scene I have to say, and that dog was preciously adorable.

So it's a moment that needed to be imortalized in the blogaverse. There it is.

I am making a crostina this afternoon, decided I needed to try that as well, thank you food tv, you are my Saturday Afternoon Food Crack Break today.

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