Saturday, June 27, 2009

Happy weekend y'all. No big plans other than watching MSNBC and CNN maybe watching the Michael Jackson coverage of his death. Just kidding.  It's enough speculation on what he died of... he is gone, it's sad but let it go Diane Dimond.

I ran back to the office to finish up on some work that I realized I really needed to do.  It was nice to clean up those little dangling threads of things "I should have done"... like Maybe for the next half hour or so before I run back to the office to finish up on some work that I left dangling and realized I probably should just break down and finish. Ok maybe I won't watch the coverage, it sadly is really boring. But then again, Michael Jackson's life had gotten really boring. Sorry... I remember the Little Michael Jackson, the adult? Meh. I do have The Wiz on dvd though (ease on down the road indeed), somewhere in storage I think. Oh well... sorry he is gone, sorry that Farrah is gone too, sorry that Ed McMahon is gone too. I mean Michael Jackson hit up Deepak Chopra for drugs... that is a desperate man. I hope that he has found peace.

Had a great time eating rumaki (minus the chicken liver...they don't offer it that way, thankfully) and drinking beer made with ginger listening to the mashup stylin's of DJSaviourBreath, at the Jonsey's EatBar One Year Anniversary party (congrats Leigh! - real_name_alert) the other evening. Then a punk rock sing along dance fest (ok I danced once) to a Violent Femmes cover. Better than Thirstys... full strength beer people... full strength beer. Re-met some fun people which is always a super treat.

I just finished watching Guest of Cindy Sherman. What is really crazy is that as I was watching it, I realized, I knew who most of these contemporary artists were/are in the documentary.  So weird.  I am so glad that I didn't get rid of the upper channels on my cable when I dumped the movie channels.  Sundance and IFC are absolutely enough for me.

I am going to spend the rest of the day working on some projects (read that to mean=cleaning and putting stuff away) so my house is clean.

I hung my new art piece (the band that I have hanging is the Ramones, you won't see it on the site, but you can get the style at least) and am really happy with it.  I moved some other pieces I have around which has me me wanting to rearrange the entire house now. But that is way too much crazy even for me.  All I know is that I really want to get rid of the clutter (same sad sad song that I sing constantly).

Ok off to work, clean and make the house sparklie and a little less messy!

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