Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I got bit on the face last night. It was not sexy. It was not welcomed and now I have a bruise. Its a little one but gesus it hurts. I am a little annoyed with the dude that did it. He is a friend from the wayback machine (and sadly that is all he talked about was the past). He had enough alcohol in his system for him to think it was fun. It was not. I am a little (alot) annoyed.

We went to the Westword Music Showcase which was great fun last night. I hung out with some great people, learned a new cocktail, saw some friends win awards, watched F hand out a couple awards and had some fantastic barbecue from Moe's.

Tonite I have stuck to home and gotten some things done which was nice. I wish I was a little more motivated. Watched The Aristocrats and tried to watch Anthem (wow was that suckie... sorry girls, but your criss cross across the nation was boring...). I got a couple of drawers cleaned out last week and would have liked even more to have done that even more tonite but ended up doing laundry and cleaning the kitchen. I was in dire straights for some chocolate and really came up empty. But my kitchen is a little cleaner.

So it isn't a complete wash.

I have alot going on, on the personal front that I am not wanting to talk about publically in this forum at all. Lots of old memories coming back up and continued worries about loved ones. Please think good thoughts on the vagueness and I will be grateful.

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