Monday, June 01, 2009

Our Denver Theater situation seems a little dire...

I went to blunch on Sunday with my dear main squeeze at El Noa Noa.  What was really very nostalgic for me was seeing 721 Sante Fe Drive all painted and prettyfied and pastel.  Now see I have quite a little bit of personal nostalgia and memories of that building because that is where my Dad and Grandfather's meat packing plant and food supply warehouse was when I was a kid.  It is the building where I first developed film with my Dad.  It was a fun Sunday afternoon where my love for photography was born. 

So it comes with alot of sadness to hear that they are shuttering the theater there, even if only for a month to reorganize, I hope to try and find a way to pay the back rent and get up and running again.  See the article here. The people that are leasing the building were $100,000 behind in rent something that is so sad. 

What is really sad is that the old Cameron Theater (which is what the building was prior to the family owning the building back probably before I was even born - my great grandfather ran a tailor shop there , I heard there is a tiled reminisence of it in the building somewhere, I hope to see it someday) may go dark completely.  This is really a tremendous loss for what certainly is a budding (still) arts district. 

I don't know what type of work they are going to do to fix the situation.  I can't imagine what they will do to try and raise the funds needed to pay the bills.  I hope very sincerely that they can find a way to keep the theater open and producing shows.  

I will be watching this situation and hope to keep some updates coming on either a fundraiser or show opening. 

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