Sunday, May 24, 2009

Had a great talk with a few neighbors today. One is only a temporary neighbor though as he is working on a condo to refinish it for sale for the bank that owns it. He is refurbing the entire place roof to ceiling for 10 grand. I really was glad to talk to him because I could definately use him to work on my house. He invited me over to watch the progress and decide if I like the work and he would do my kitchen for 3 grand including appliances probably. (keep in mind the kitchens in these condos literally are the size of a postage stamp, two people can stand in them comfortably)

Another neighbor has her condo listed for short sale since she is moving out of town and wants out. So there is yet one more foreclosure in my building. Great. I don't care really all that much since I am not selling mine looking for any profit, but she is short selling it for half of what she owes. I can't be too disgusted with her since her finances and personal life are none of my buisiness. But it is really sad that the best she can do is this.

My other neighbor came over and we talked about our boys and our own little mishegas that are very much the same in our heads. I am glad to know that I am not the only one that has and has had the same mental gymnastics. Comfort in that for sure.

The rain has stopped and I can get the grill ready. F is coming over for dinner. So getting that grill ready! I am strangely comfortable in the menu and everything is ready or nearly ready to go so I am good. Phew. I am doing this on one cup of coffee so far today. I just made some so I am good. Turning out the yeast dough for the newest round of cupcakes, prepped the burgers, the potatos are cooked. Life is good. I am going to watch the finale of Grey's Anatomy before F gets here and work on a little cleaning and Iwill be totally good. The bro inspired me for desert, they went to a farmer's market and got strawberry's so for desert I am prepping strawberries with bourbon and vanilla whipped cream. The cupcakes are for tomorrow.

Happy Sunday!

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