Saturday, June 20, 2009

I have taken the time to grow my hair for the past two years... today... cut it off. I will be donating it (which was the plan alllll along). All I can say is "finally" this wasn't an easy process this time around. I feel like it took a really long time.

Oops here is aside: I am watching The Unusuals and they have "Atomic Dog" playing under a scene, which is rad.

So today when I went to get my hair trimmed, we measured my hair, it was/is barely long enough to cut off so I did the right thing, made the decision... gone. This is really great. I am really really happy. I liked having the Betty Page bangs certainly, I liked being able to pull my hair up into a clip but I didn't do much else with it. So... gone. I talked about the idea that I might be doing it this morning at breakfast with F. He said to go for it and honestly I am glad I did. I didn't do it for him, but definitely him saying that helped me turn the corner.

I watched the big chunks of hair left from after we cut the pony tail fall to the floor and felt this great sense of relief I have to be honest. I felt like the last couple of years (almost three since I started the process) are behind me. The hang ups, the inability to say things, the drama all of it. I am so excited. I am in love with my life, my man, my family, my cooking, my baking, my job, my friends (near and far) all of it. I want to start

Things are terrific in my world.

I saw Clockwork Orange last night for the first time. The weird thing is, I really haven't seen it before. Just scenes. So when F suggested we go I jumped at the chance. I can now say that I have seen it.

Tonite I have the Aenka show at the Mercury Cafe, the babihed show at the Climaxx Loungewhich is a couple blocks away which is almost potentially doable, hopefully a sleepover, leading to Lakeside Waffles tomorrow morning, Father's Day shenanigans and a nice close to a great weekend.

Ok I am off to make dinner... I am starting the need food headache and would like to stem that off. And my friend W just called... her timing is impecciable... we are going to grab dinner before the show... excellent.

Now I have to get dressed.

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