Monday, April 13, 2009

It's Monday Night ... do you know where your New Music is? Hey what about a pinhole camera class? Just sayin'

You know how just yesterday it was that I said that I am looking to expand my photographic eye?  Well uh... get THIS!  I was trolling through my reader just now and saw that World Pinhole Camera Day is April 26th, which is a Sunday, which is an awesome day to get out and take pictures right?  Surely it will be.  This is the deal... there are workshops all over the world celebrating this method.

And there is one in Denver!  I am so excited.  So tomorrow at work I will make the call, make the comittment to participate and register for the class and the tutorial.  I have all this 35mm film in the fridge that has long expired and I am excited to see what kind of pictures I can take.  The gallery also offers classes too so I will absolutely be able to expand my horizons and keep motivated.  They have gallery talks too.

It isn't digital portraiture or whatever but something new and something that sparked with me. Scary sometimes how things just completely fall into place. 

Tonite I will take some fun shots I am sure, but certainly nothing outside of anything that I have done in the past.  F is dj'ing at the Larimer Lounge for New Music Mondays so I anticipate being the complete dork girl taking pictures of her squeeze.  What can I say I am that dork girl and damn proud.  I am taking both cameras too.  See? Dork.  But a good dork, in the best way!  Alas no PBR for me (it is Pesach after all but I will survive...hmmmm is the other special Jack Daniel's pesadicha? DANG NO? Bummer... Diet Cokes for me I suppose).

In other not so impressive news, went to that place I sometimes go when I become this insecure 14 year old girl at BBYO elections and the bullshit feelings those damn popularity contests had me feeling... awful.  It's the only way I can describe how I felt about it. I became totally unnerved about the whole social networking business and got really upset about it.  It took me back to that place and I didn't like it at all.  Seriously. Not one bit.  It is so silly that I let something so inconsequential and not earth shattering get to me like it did. But it did and I obcessed about it for about 24 hours.  Tonite I settled down a little bit and realized that I can't make the situation change unless I actually discuss it with the parties involved.  So that too is on the agenda.  I am a semi-adult here.  I have a flippin' mortgage for goodness sake... I pay bills... I have a cable account in my very own name...Facebook will not get the best of me.  It just won't. 

I am going to head out now and strut my stuff... get my dance moves (or listening moves more like) on and head to the Larimer Lounge. If you are in Denver tonite, looking for something fun and inexpensive on a school night... come out down... I can't do a shot of Jack with you but I will buy you one... and I will add you to my Facebook friends list... just to make myself feel popular.  You have been warned!

Happy Monday y'all... pictures tomorrow of the shenanigans.

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