Monday, May 11, 2009

Spoiler Alert

So I watched The Celebrity Apprentice...mostly for the freak show but I have to say this while it is about watching these famousish people freak out and behave kind of (ok alot) badly... cough cough Annie Duke... it really truly is about the charities that these people fundraise for. 

So I am not a wealthy person but I feel rich because I am able to donate a little bit. Since Joan Rivers won (I warned you in the headline there was a spoiler....) and I am sitting her baking Cheese Straws I figured, I fill my kitchen almost every other night with something, the least I should do is make a donation of some sort.

In the spirit of thinking globaly and acting locally I am now (well just did) hit the donate button for Project Angel Heart, which is a local agency which provides meals and companionship for people battling life threatening illnesses.  I have been fortunate in my life to not be effected outside of a minor flu bug here or a cold there but there are people in the Denver community who are fighting for their lives and a nutritional meal can make all the difference.

There are community programs in every city... please make a donation in yours.  Help those in need.  Be inspired by others fight.

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