Sunday, April 12, 2009

I watched Annie Leibowitz : Life Through a Lens this morning.  Honest to goodness I am freaked out by how much her photos just hit me in a place that makes me realize I have to stop just taking photos of musicians playing at shows, these photos in the documentary alone just are so stunning and individually make me stop and realize I need to embrace my eye and step outside the comfort zone of the show pit and show shots.  I mean really... it is a great learning tool... I am learning alot about internal camera metering lets not ignore that.   Out of the 700 shots I took at the Peelander Z show on Friday night about 50 are sorta good.  I have four shots that are ones that I am actually proud of.  I am proud that I can edit the shots down.  I need to learn how to edit down my flickr posts too...but on thing that was really great for me at the show is that I turned the camera into the audience for a while and really enjoyed shooting poeple so much.  I have one shot of a guy standing behind me that makes me realize I should start expanding my opportunities.

I don't pretend that anything I shoot or ever will shoot is of this quality but I definately am feeling so inspired.  I want to take photographs that catch moments.  I need to make sure that I literally walk around with my camera out.  I feel becoming obcessed about doing more. This isn't a bad thing by any stretch of the imagination.  I just need to stretch this imagination. 

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