Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Hello laptop. You work again. Amen and Thank You M for fixing it. Seriously this makes me nearly feel chilled out and relaxed knowing that I don't have to read blogs and search for stuff on the IPhone. Which isn't a bad thing, just really small. Like crazy small. I heart IPhone (thank you F... thank you thank you because otherwise I would have slept in my cube just for the internet access). Over the weekend I did ok... it was like I was on vacation with no real wifi so it was do-able but weeknights? Gack.

But I am back to normal. Cozy and comfortable with the laptop magic.

Tomorrow I get my PC back hopefully and I am going to set up the record player and stop messing around and seriously get to the business of recording my vinyl.

I have some shows to post about but at 11:00 tonite it isn't going to happen. Maybe by the end of the weekend.

Bummed I am not able to go see Ms. Lily Allen tomorrow night and the opener Natalie Portman's Shaved Head.... but holidays and family are very important and take precidence. So there.

Alright off to bed, but wanted to post that I am back...not that I was really ever away but you know...

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