Tuesday, March 31, 2009

So I pretty much had the night off from any thing to do or any real obligations. So what I decided to do was go over to Kings and buy some Passover items.

Um seriously... holy crap everything is unbelievably not inexpensive meaning seriously... why everything is like 5 bucks or more KILLS me. A single box of matzah was at the lowest $5.29. Seriously? This is all we get to eat all freakin' week and I am to be expected to buy one box for a five spot? Then I see the Osem display. Happiness. Joy. Angels singing from the heavens. FIVE boxes for FIVE bucks. AND they purchase trees. Seriously. They buy trees for every five boxes you buy... their motto? Get this... Matzah with a Mitzvah. So fine. Five boxes and tree it is. Then I realized I don't really need a six dollar box of ring jells. I did get a can of macaroons but seriously nearly didn't considering the 10 ounces were over 6 bucks. Seriously. Dang.

In other news... lets see... got my Freak Train on last night. I really dug what I saw. Some of it was completely non-sensical but that is the point. And when GerRee sung about sending some love and good thoughts to those we know and love being unemployed I lost it. Totally started bawling. Tried to keep it under the radar but F and the guy sitting on the other side of me totally busted me. It was really funny.

Got the go ahead to work off site on Friday. I am totally going to jam and get so much done. I actually did more in about 20 minutes tonite than I did actually all day today. Well I shouldn't say that but I got some serious reporting done that would have taken me three times what it did at home, just with all the disruptions and other things that obviously take priority. I also got handed (and get to work with a really fabulous lady) a HUGE event in May. I am so excited. It is a program that is way over my head as far as I haven't ever actually planned anything this big, so I get to learn from a really great lady how to step up my act a little bit. I am really excited for the opportunity. I am so blessed by my employment.

On the boy front, he is great. Got to see him play on Saturday after hanging out at Casa Bonita. We did a group old fashionie photo. I might have to hook up the printer to my laptop since my PC is down for the count right now. He was a good sport. I really thought for sure he would find a way to get out of it. But he and W's husband are such good sports putting up with our special brand of crazy.

Things are well. I am feeling better from the miserable cold a couple of weeks ago. I finally feel almost 100% which is magic.

I will do my taxes tomorrow (two full weeks ahead of the deadline! Woo Hoo) and then plan menus for Pesach and go shopping again, this time prepared for the sticker shock.

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