Thursday, March 19, 2009

News from Australia

I have an old friend, actually at one point in my life, like when I was a teenager he was more than a friend, I was madly in love. As much as you really can be when you are 18 and kinda prude. I just got word that he is going to be in Denver soon. I am totally freaked out and super excited. He and I have gotten in touch several times throughout the years which is really nice. He lives on a completely different continent (thus the post title, the people that know KNOW me know who he is), so for him to travel to the US is a pretty big deal and super exciting.

I can not wait to grab onto him and give him a squeeze, its been over 20 years after all.

We are very different people now in a lot of ways in very different places in our lives, I always have this soft squishy spot in my heart for him sure, and he knows about F so this is not a romantic interlude whatsoever. But I feel like a really little girl of 18 knowing that I am going to get to actually see him and not just chat with him online or trade emails. He got me over this really odd feeling that I had all night.

I have just been "off" tonite but its totally because I am just over tired and not able to focus on anything. Nice to know that until I actually do hear from him I have something to obsess about that is super exciting and potentially really fun. Why? Well because I have wanted to have a cocktail party here at the house for many many months and now I totally have a reason.

I can't wait for my Mom and Dad to meet him considering what happened back in the day... I was a very bad girl and made some really bad choices and I think it will be funny to have them finally meet after I am was so bad.

So yay for fun news!

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