Thursday, March 19, 2009

nick cave makes me happy

So last night I had some insomnia and I really think that it was because I was over tired.  I had been working since about 6 a.m. (I know boo hoo there are people who work much earlier than I do I know this) and it was about 11 pm and I was just exhausted.  I had been working on my other posts and trying to get them caught up I got through June. 

I got sidetracked watching a documentary that was subtitled in English but was in Hebrew.  I had come across it while searching for something else and it looked interesting.  It is called Paper Dolls. It was an interesting I have to be honest.  What absolutely bugged the shit out of me was at about halfway through the film there was this cab driver that was voicing his opinion sure I get that and I am glad that the film maker was able to capture it because it really did make me realize how incredibly racist we as Jews can be sometimes.  This taxi driver called "Sally" (I think it was) a thief and said that he (and I am totally paraphrasing here) really aren't giving any care and are just faking it.  But what we do see is these workers actually giving more care for their aged clients than their own family members do.  And the relationship with Sally and Chaim.  It was amazing. I don't have that warm a relationship with my own family members sometimes. Those featured in the film blow me away... they speak fluent Hebrew which is incredibly difficult to learn.  And that is not something that you learn in school in the Philippines for sure.  So they dedicate themselves to the language and the culture for the most part in order to have some freedoms in sections of Tel Aviv that are probably the most repressed.  I did wonder if some of the glares captured on film were given to the film maker and his camera and not necessarily at the characters of the film.  Just sayin'.

But it made me think about the illegal worker debate we have ragining in our country.  Here we are shown these men/women that give daily care for eldery and do so gladly.  You never once hear them complain on film.  And then should something happen they loose their jobs and get deported.  One of their previous employers accused them of stealing and the reaction was "oh this is just something that they feel they have to say".  It was tragic.  We are supposed to be a caring people, us Jews.  I saw that in the documentary for sure but I also saw the nasty bitter explotative side of people too and it was gross.

If you have a chance to see the documentary please do watch it.  I might be looking too deep into what he was trying to do with  the film and it was pretty broad for sure (no pun intended), but I did enjoy it.  It made me think, which is the point.  I am only really sorry that the Jewish Film Festival people here don't have the balls to show something like that here.  "X" rating in the Phillapenes or not.

Listening to Nick Cave obviously and Tom Waits on random all morning. Its keeping me from going insane with the round and round and round of bullshit emails about a flyer I am circled in on.  14 in the past 3 hours.  Just tell me what image to use and I will use it, I don't want the back and forth... its killing me. 

But such is what I do and how I do it.  Glad to have the job to get the emails for sure.

One of my neighbors is moving in April which kills me.  I am sad because she is a renter (it was inevitable) and I would love it if she lived there forever. She is really dear.  We talk maybe one every couple of weeks.  Nothing serious nothing major and its just the way a neighbor should be.  Damnit.  Who knows what will end up in there now.  Knock on wood I have been very very lucky and only had the nicest of people in there but still.... that wasn't really the news that I wanted to get yesterday.  And her puppy is freakin' adorable and our little dogs have finally gotten friendly enough with one another to hang out and not have a huge barkfest.  Oh well.

Super duper glad that it is Thursday by the way.

I will be trying to update June and July to Blathercakes today... I have to get through the year by the time SXSW is over so I have to pick up the pace a little bit.

But I have to get some more work done before I can continue to play around.  I also finally got flash which means complete and total time suckage.  I had to go around the administrative rights and install it on the portable app for firefox but seriously... a girl has to do what a girl has to do to watch youtube and see videos on Pitchfork during the day.. right? 

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