Monday, March 16, 2009

Moving along ... note the new

I have had a very full set of musical days and sitting here at my desk listening to the Efterklang cds I realize just how lucky ... I mean really lucky I am to be around this city's incredibly diverse and interesting musical scene. And to think a couple of years ago I was completely disenfranchised and fairly bitter about the whole thing.

It has come around for me. I find so much inspiration all around me. I have been inspired to write a treatment (that will go nowhere), think about playing and instrument (badly I am sure) and enjoy each and every moment that I am fortunate enough to be out in Denver's culture. The talent...oy vey the freakin' talent. And everyone, every single person in their way is embracing. Something completely outside of what I would have anticipated 12 months ago for my social scene.

Last year this time I couldn't imagine what the future would hold for me much less the following week, so crazy what has completely transpired. The people that I would meet. The places that I would go... oh the places that I would go.

It is so amazing and I am so fortunate and truly I couldn't have done it with out F by my side pushing me. This isn't a shout out to F (sorta it is really) but really to the outstanding musicians and people I have met and embraced and brought into my little universe their music and inspirations and how grateful I am to each and every moment falling to me like a warm embrace. Denver is an amazing town. Who knew? I certainly didn't. I have been schooled.

So this is all migrating and spinning, I warned you. This is going to be my safe haven but I plan to be very fan girl from here on out. Why not, everyone needs the props and the thanks for what they do for me without even knowing it...

So there it is... the fitting migration for me. No longer a kvetch about daily work life (not that I really did that much here, safer not to, since I do love my job), but a full on wet fucking kiss right on the choppers of what I get to be fortunate enough to go and experience. With photos too if you are lucky!

Move along... find it here: . I have held the blogname slash pseudo domain (thank you google) for years (2004!!!), never did much of anything with it but now... I have found a home for what I want to do. Give it a few days to have some things migrated to it and it will amp up.

The timing is perfection due to the fact things are slow (but NOT boring) since SXSW is going on in Austin right now it might just be the right time to get my affairs in order.

Fecher also kicked me in the bootay figuratively a little bit by a post to my facebook wall, without really knowing what he was doing. See what I am talking about? Amazing people inpiring me in amazing ways.

If you are looking to see what I am doing and thinking and seeing and stuff go there... this is pretty much archives now. Valentine, don't worry I will update the feed link to your email for you!


Booger said...

Hey blathercakes, your linkie doesn't work.

Zoe said...

Hey booger... love you... I have fixed the linkie poo just for you.