Tuesday, March 10, 2009

sickie mc sickerson

back to work... came in to only 60 emails which were pretty easy to deal with and get taken care of.  Not saying I am glad to be back though, I think if I had laid in bed and kicked this thing one more day I would have been better off, but it was just an impossibility.  Its about 3:15 and I have hit the wall and am no longer able to actually be that productive so draft a post I will do. 

Wanna read a great review of the Bad Plus show last night (and I am not biased at all...seriously)?  Here you go:  Last Night's Show in Back Beat .  I want to feign not knowing the Flaming Lips song and blaming it on cold medication but I wasn't on any.  I should have known better, I really need to get caught up on my Flaming Lips discography.  At one point I looked over at F and just gave him this goofie smile.  I do think it was during "Radio Cure" but it might have not been, I was that out of it.  That is how good the show was, that I completely was just caught up in what was going on not what the song "was". 

In order to ignore my surroundings I have Iggy and the Stooges Raw Power cranked up.  This will gladly keep me occupied for the next 38-45 minutes until I can get out of here, go home and fall asleep. My hair doesn't hurt like it did yesterday but I feel the aches coming on.  Ok time to spray my keyboard with anti-bacterial magic spray and degermify my cubie. 

I really seriously do not feel the magic happening tonite.  I was supposed to go and possibly partake in the Trivia Magic at the Snug or see a friend who is in from out of town do an open mic comedy stretch at the Squire and then I just read that So What! is back in the light of the night at Sengers but seriously, there is no way any of that is going to happen feeling as cruddy as I do right now. I could literally put my head down and take a little desk nap and not give a hoot.   And not really knowing what this crud is, I don't want to spread this around... I did enough unknowingly this weekend but can't do it knowingly now.  Better email peeps and let them know nothing is happening for me.

Thank you sweet Iggy Pop for getting me through this last 40 minutes, I fear I couldn't have gotten through it with out ya!

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