Monday, March 09, 2009

I am so sick. This cold is kicking my ass. So much so that I actually took a day off from work today and slept ALL DAY. I thought I would feel better since I get to meet F for a show (thankfully near the house) tonite... but really not so much.

I hate that Priscilla Presley licensed Viva Las Vegas to Viagra. The commercials are creepy and the music is awful, certainly they could come up with something new and different already.

Made cheese staws but wasn't happy with the shape, so finally broke down and bought another food extruder/gun thing with the right size plate I think. Once I feel better I will give it a shot (get it?) and hopefully I will be back in the saddle again.

Cleaned part of the carpets yesterday, got about half the house done, I will finish the main living room this weekend I hope. It won't be as much of a chore and what I did yesterday, but I am glad that I was motivated enough to get it done, because wow was it needed. Also took inventory of the items that I have in the sideboard (are you bored yet) so that I know what is in there instead of guessing. I should have taken pictures but wasn't that unsure of my memory.

Tomorrow I will go and look one more place for new dishes and then make the final decision which ones I get. I am proud of myself for jumping in but not getting the first thing that sparked my eye.

Also for the record, and I am really proud of myself for this one... I didn't go back to the Mart yesterday afternoon and buy a ring that I loved but was just a skoosh out of my immediate price range. I justified it, figured out how I could afford it and then realized... I have much better things to spend my money on and seriously... I should probably update my appliances and could do the same for the amount that the one ring would cost. So... I will do that instead with the money. A much smarter move I think.

Just got home from the Solied Dove and seeing The Bad Plus. So good. They played some originals which was a treat for sure and their reworking of some well known tunes was great. I don't think I will ever be able to listen to Comfortably Numb and not wish for a frenetic piano. It was terrific and Wendy Lewis was a magical little elf of singing goodness. I wasn't expecting her to be just as good as she was. When she came out and sang "Lithium" I think my jaw was on the floor. She ain't no wilting little flower, she has some power and it looked just effortless. Her cover of "Blue Velvet" ... great. They opened with a Stravinksky peice which was amazing. I am glad I got my head off the pillow and went, I would have regretted it if I hadn't. I had to giggle just a little bit since I hadn't been back there since I saw F play there almost a year ago. Also for the record, four or so hours after getting out of bed, the aches are gone, the dripping nose is a a minumum and I do have to say a I feel a little better.

Not a 100% but better. I will be able to go into work tomorrow. I am just more than a little mortified that I left sickie messages on everyone's voicemails this morning. I am sure I sounded like a complete moron. I just hope that no one saves them to blackmail me with or play at some roast or something later.

So got out of the house to hear some amazing music, say hello to some friends, have some great chicken fingers (seriously they were good, the Tavern makes some deeeelicious food and has a great late night happy hour, which we learned while running into some other friends in the parking lot) and feel just a little better. But being that I am in fact still sick... time to hop back into bed so that I can be motivated enough to get into work tomorrow. It is going to be a busy day... which I will be grateful for but I know it will take some motivation to power through, better get rested!

Happy Monday and happy birthday Josh!

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