Saturday, February 28, 2009

Did you not tell them they were the lord's cheeps?

Watching Talledegah Nights and they are promoing Nacho Libre... excellent. I really have to get my tush in gear and order up that Netflix action already.

Just recently got of the phone with my Oprah. I am watched Spectacle on Sundance with Jenny Lewis (oh Rilo Kiley) and She & Him and Elvis Costello. I paused the show while I was on the phone because seriously I really wanted to watch this episode. If you have a chance watch it. Its delightful.

Went for breakfast this morning to an old haunt. Its been revamped since the last time I was there and it was delicious. The food and the conversation. Opened up about a some trust and friendship issues. All started by a simple question of "where is the Rat City Rollergirls from" (I am wearing a Rat City Rollergirls tshirt today...and SUPER PROUDLY may I just say?)....or something like that. Funny how I can go completely off topic, but usually it is about fodder but this morning it was a little more important and honest. And so good I kinda laid out my mistrust of people out there on the table and explained why which wasn't bad and seemed so easy to explain. And honestly I know how petty some of it sounded but I did preface the explanation with saying I knew how it was going to sound.

Found that I miss that neighborhood alot. I used to hang out at the coffee shop in the area we went to this morning and now it is a Dazbog which is glorious because I loves me the Dazbog. And with the weather warming up and my newfound appreciation of writing stuff out and working on a media project of some kind, I found someplace to go to possibly get out of the house and go to that doesn't overlook a parking lot in an office park or rhymes with Farblucks.

Went to the Larimer Lounge last night for the first of two (tonite is the second, which we aren't going to) "birthday parties" for Indie 101.5 (the local independent radio station here in Denver). It was really quite fun I have to say. LOUD. CROWDED (but I was prepared for it). Mixed fairly. The manager for Dead Confederates was right to be concerned but it was fixed by the second song and they did do a Sonic Youth cover. I wish I had money on that. Thanks for the great show to all those involved and I hope the show tonite goes half as well... I know it will be tons more crowded which is great. Good to talk with a couple of the radio peeps. Got some insight and interesting commentary which I enjoyed very much in a very dishy way. I will tell you the truth... enjoyed it very much.

The night tonite shook out differently that I thought but much much more mellower which is magic. Basically it means that I don't have to jam out of the house and race around to three different things which is great. I am down to one. F is currently right now as I speak playing a show and then he will run home to drop off his equipment. I am thinking we will meet up for a drink or gelato or both and go and see a show later. So much going on tonite I can't stand it.

I love the weekends being able to sleep in and play at night.

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