Monday, February 23, 2009

I am not quite sure where to go with this.  See I don't want to overshare, besides really it isn't the internets business what is going on all over in my little personal universe.  Really... if you think about it.  But.. I feel like I have neglected updating anything because I don't want to put the personal out there.

There is that 25 things going around Facebook (which I have been tagged on only ONCE thank goodness) because really I don't care.  I have updated my status a couple times like 5 maybe with random not-so-interestingness about me.  And even that has worn really really thin.   I don't really consider myself an oversharer actually.

I mean there are things that I should say and still don't.  I get my point across sure but I definately don't say things aloud.

So that brings me to "this".  Where do I go from here.  I really am unsure.  I am feeling like I need to reel some things in.  So I am going to.  It is going to basically be wrap ups for a while I think, which isn't a bad thing.

If you are looking for something to do tonite the Airborne Toxic Event's show tonite has been postponed until April 15 but the openers Henry Clay People are playing the Larimer Lounge and DJ Hot to Death's New Music Mondays (which is also a game night tonite...).  It will be fun.  We will be there for sure.  All I know is I will have to take a nap probably, its going to be a night o' musical mayhem.

Weekend was busy and packed.

Friday night I was supposed to go out but was sidetracked and sidelined by the 18degree weather outside. Oh and it snowed.  Which I know isn't a great big deal but it was enough to keep me home on the couch. 

Saturday night was Westword's Annual Artopia. Quite an event to pull off.  It was nuts to walk into Vinyl and realize that I have not been in the venue in how long? I am guessing like 10 years? That might be a stretch, but the whole place was different that I remembered.  Secondly there are two upper floors that didn't exist openly to the public the last time I was there.  Saw an old friend just as we walked in the door.  OK friend is totally stretching it... some guy that I was interested in who I thought was cute like 15 years ago... PoPo knows who I am talking about.  Anyways. Sampled some Herredura that was delish.  Had a little bite sized red velvet cupcake from  Le Bakery Sensual which were very good. I wonder if they make cupcakes too, or just cakes... (they highlighted their table with a tatoo cake that was all done in frosting and was terrific... its isn't just about boob cakes folks... they really have some VERY talented cake decorators, always have).  Went upstairs and were initially put off by the Tuaca chick, she hardly was able to be bothered by my ranting about that bottle of Tuaca I got for a birthday present years ago and gave away because I thought it was crappy booze.  So finally we go back when they have poured the samples and seriously... I get it now.  Tuaca is pretty damn delicous.  (vanilla carmel booze baby, me likey), the Finlanda grapefruit vodka not as much. 

I made a nice donation to Love Hope Strength who were the charity benefited by the event.  I might not have been able to buy the tickets for the drawing for the guitar that they were giving away since I wouldn't be present to win... but it was nice to give them money since F got me the ticket for the door. The girls at the table were adorable.  I hope that they did well. Its a terrific charity and you should dig deeper into the site and see if there is anything you might be interested in doing for them.  Signed a Tibetan prayer flag with F's initials and made a little prayer for him, since that is what you are supposed to do. And then for the Sherpa that will carry the flags up Everest.    

We walked in and looked at the art. Bought a peice from Bob White.  I love my Jack (sorry its a clown... I said its like touching a bruise, it hurts but hurts good...). Go to the Playthings Gallery and look up the Jack in the Box... this is the peice I got.  I can't link from my email since the computer I am on is sorely lacking flash and can't link directly. Maybe if I am motivated I will fix the link.  Prolly won't. I am forcing myself to post this as is.

Went to see F play at the Merc.  The set seemed super short.  I took some photos, there were absolutely meh.  I should have used my point and shoot, I probably would have gotten what I wanted but I just wasn't feeling it at all.  It was frustrating to me because I know what I wanted and it just wasn't happening. So while enjoying the music for the rest of the evening I just put the camera away and enjoyed.  It wasn't a bad thing. 

Went for a late dinner and came home. 

Lounged around all day, watched the re-broadcast of the Independent Spirit Awards.  I realized that I haven't seen any of the movies that were nominated.  Ok I saw the Wrestler.  Oh and I saw Milk.  But I think that was about it.  I always get strangely motivated to do something anything film/video wise this time of year.  Maybe now I will actually do something since I literally have everything I need. 

Yesterday partook in the first of a few dinners for Denver Restaurant Week.. now expanded if you are so inclined.  Went to O's.  Delicious and similar to last year I enjoyed the meal choices that I didn't order much more than my choices.  But that is the joy of going with a sharer (similar to last year as well) because you can try the other's food too.  Got a little drunk on wine, talked about getting motivated and doing something production wise, ignored the Academy Awards on the tv's in the bar, overate but loved it.

Went to The Walnut to see DJ Hot to Death (he had a mash up of Closer by Nine Inch Nails and Come Together by the Beatles - live mixed with Pour Some Sugar on Me by def Leppard that really you wouldn't think would work, but totally did, it was kickin'), Jinxed (which is members of The Swayback) and French Horn Rebellion.  It was fun and at midnight though I was ready to leave.

I was thinking I would jam through the Academy Awards in an hour but went to bed and came in early to work.  Which was the opposite of what I had actually intended to do. But now that I have read the blogs, I knew who won, who's speeches were good, which production numbers rated watching (apparently none really... ) so I can skip even Steevoh having it on the ready for me.

The week is going to be a busy one for me I have a feeling.  We will be at the Larimer Lounge tonite for the New Music Monday extravaganza with Guest DJ's Sareh Levin, Julie Davis and Esme Patteson and playing a surprise (but not so much now actually) show Henry Clay People.  If you wanna come have a PBR with us... play some backgammon and hang out. 

I do need desperately to find a Fat Tuesday something or another.  I was going to have some folks over for jambalayah but lost the motivation and now it is far too late to send out invites. It might just be me and Herschel sitting on the couch watching Steevoh and eating red beans and rice tomorrow.  Not too shabby either I have to admit.  I might though have a something for St. Patricks.  Maybe.  I am not holding my breath on that one either.

Ok off to round out the day and finalize some work.  Do the j.o.b. thing.

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