Thursday, April 02, 2009

please don't make me angry... I am like a dog with a bone and won't let it go....

So here is the deal: I have an IRA account. Most people my age should. And if you don't please open one ... I just care about you and your future you know. So when the economy started to tank last year I made a decision that for the first quarter of 2009 I would put my monthly contribution into my savings account and NOT into my IRA and see how I fared. No way to really tell. So yesterday I called to reinstate my monthly payments. You would think I was asking to have my broker give me a guided tour of the exchange floor and manually trade paper stocks by hand. SUCH A FRIKKEN NIGHTMARE.

24 hours (well actually about 18 hours later) I finally got enough of an answer on how to make this happen. I am so frustrated and so completely disgusted with my Broker I am going to have to ... and I am saying this loud and proud....drop him. This guy is the manager of the branch and a nightmare. Didn't apologize for what transpired over the last two business days, didn't offer any explanation to why he transferred me all over the place yesterday and pissed me off to the point where I had to call the corporate customer care line to get someone that at least knew what my account was about. Nothing. I said to him I might not be your biggest fish in the investment sea but Mr. (name redacted because you know how I am about naming people) one day I might be and I am willingly at this time and in this market giving you my money... you should treat me with a little more respect. I got nothing except interrupted . So I am done with the schmo.

So there are plenty... shit tons actually... of brokerages that would be willing and able and who want to manage my measly contributions to my IRA. And who I am sure would follow my directions and wants for how my money should be spent and invested. Tons of brokers in the same company that gladly would take an interest in helping me with my investments.

Just got off the phone with another broker in another branch... LOVE HIM... he knows my family or well a few members of my family. Who knew. He made one comment UNPROMPTED... that has me sold on him. Seriously... when your investment manager (or potential in this case) says (and this is a paraphase): it is your money I am here to steer you in a productive way... that is all I need. You had me at "it is your money"... the other fucktard said "you are making a mistake but I will take your commission" when I bought Frontier Airlines stock.

So lessons were learned. I don't need to EVER be put in a position to become that agrevated by one person who is supposed to be working with me and truely I felt was working against me. So actively find alternatives. I did just now and honestly I think I will be better.

Phew... so glad that crap is over. And a little shout out of thanks to the gal who answered the phone yesterday afternoon and this morning in the office I am transfering to... you really saved the day. She gave me the information I was looking for was willing to get someone on the phone to talk to me yesterday and help me... she was terrific. I learned a little something from her as well... she was just quiet and listened and then let me know what she was able to do for me.

Lessons were learned in the last couple hours... and I feel better about the company now that I am not dealing with that other dude. Phew. I can move on now.

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