Friday, February 13, 2009

So its 1:30 and I am home. Worked really early this morning and came home at noon so that I could "work", which means clean, which also means shred.

I have four more boxes of things to go through then out to the trash this stuff goes. Honest to goodness I am going to get caught up on my "to do" list this afternoon. Then I will finish my actual work that I did bring back with me. I am trying desperately to get my place chill. But honestly the chaos is piled up everywhere and it is making me absolutely crazy.

I am not happy with the Dylan/Will.I.Am Pepsi commercial. Dylan you putz selling out for sure. Will.I.Am? Well the times have changed so you are allowed. But Dylan? Shame. On. You. I only make note of this because the commercial is everywhere on my Steevoh today.

OK back to shredding. Boring-est entry ever I know.

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