Monday, February 09, 2009

I am watching 60 minutes from last night. 

Here are the segments: and the break down of the story.  Ok seriously, many people know that I am a tv news crier.  I really do weep sometimes. This story absolutely did. And how sublime is this man?

This is an interesting article:

and honestly I have to say that I am enjoying the Coldplay story.  When F and I went earlier this year and saw them at the Pepsi Center, I got a new respect for them.  I wish that I had an opportunity to grab some of that butterfly confetti.  I really thought it was amazing and pretty and a very very cool effect. And I love that Chris Martin is wearing a Flaming Lips t-shirt. 

Congratulations CBS you finally produced a 60 minutes that I watched all the way through (and was saved the Andy Rooney weekly rant... ).  Katie Couric is an awful interviewer to be honest and the v/o was mixed really loud which was annoying but the story sold me not the pundit.  So I watched the full show, congrats CBS seriously.

Can't say the same for the Grammy's, SNL, Damages, Trust Me or Medium skipped through a good portion of all of those shows. 

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