Sunday, January 04, 2009

Thanks for today...

So this is the number 3 article for the year on the Boulder Camera... huh.  I have to say over the last two days its the number one story in my book.  Why? Well this scumbag's Mom lived above me for about four years.  To say we did not get along would be an understatement.  I hated her and I think she hated me about five times more.  I tried to do right by her when she did me so wrong and I bore the brunt of her misery for about two years afterwards.  They day they finally were evicted due to foreclosure, I actually took pictures of them moving and yelled "thank you, this is the best Valentines present ever" (it was Feb 13th), out the window (not the most mature I know but I couldn't help myself). 

When Diego was arrested in Wyoming all hell broke loose.  It all comes together now.  Glad to know what made her go so batshit crazy, I always did wonder.   I feel sorry for her neighbors now.  And had I known that Diego was a convicted felon (which doesn't surprise me, he scared the shit out of me when he lived here before going up to Wyoming) I seriously would have moved.  Faster than Ugly on his mug shot.

But its done, they are gone, they have some really sad lives to lead and its an amazing tragedy to watch unfold via the newsfeeds.  I have to admit this. Please note that I do not find any joy in this but I do find pleasure in knowing that I survived their misery and was not wrong in thinking that they were very very bad people.  I read that the kids had bad childhoods and blah blah blah and honestly knowing how they behaved I have to believe it is all untruths and excuses. I talked at length with the DA after my incident and she disclosed alot of the excuses Lettie made about our situation.  All I know is that I was thrilled when she settled.  I was prepared to stare them down in court and testify against them, upstairs neighbors or not, but was thrilled when they settled and she made the one smart move in her case and plead out. I think I actually had to sit down when I got the call. 

I had put the entire thing completely behind me actually but I am glad to know what the trigger was and thankful to know what really happened.  And I will watch via newsfeeds the conclusion of his incareration and trial.  I hope that the new Boulder DA does right by this guy's victim and convicts him accordingly (there is no dealth penalty on the table anymore, which I have to say I agree with strongly, but that is a topic for another entry maybe).  He should go to prison for what he did and Chilean citizen, naturalized here due to his Mom's citizenship or not, he should go away for a very long time.

This news completed the circle and its really good.

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