Thursday, January 08, 2009

Oh sweet baby Jeebus. I had plans.... oh did I have plans. Plans to clean out some (ok at least one drawer in my dresser tonite). Not for any other reason that I need the space for stuff I have hidden all over the place in nooks and crannies that are overflowing with this junk. But I have sat in front of the tv. This should come as no shock to anyone that knows me. I think honestly I might have to turn the tv off right now (it is 9:15) and get to work. It is only one drawer after all. It isn't like I have to pack up the entire house into four boxes and everything else must go right? Right.

So what do I think am I going to do first? Do I hit the dvd drawer/movie drawer? Do I work on the jewelry maddness I have happening consistantly all over the place? What about the makeup shinanegans in the bathroom closet drawer? How about the socks and tights situation of crazy I got going? If I planned it right and did what I was supposed to do I would have had them all done by now. Oh slacker me, I have to turn on the tv, watch some documentary (half assed I must admit) on some 50s documentarian that I thought might be interesting (it wasn't and I don't even remember the name and I just watched it...oy) or Sunday Morning from last week (hello super not so secret design crush Jonathan Adler and your husband Simon Doonan) or how about 10 episodes of Robot Chicken. Yeah not so productive.

But the weekend is almost here. I can maybe attack the crap then. I need an interventionist to come in and shake me to my core I think. Yes my nick name is Zoe and I am addicted to the tv and the internet, I am officially addicted to ... Comcast. Do they offer a nice retreatie rehab center for that? Where is my Promises Recovery Center for that? I want to know. I wonder if my health plan will cover it? What would that coverage rider be called.... Multi Media infatuationistis?

Ah but the tv is turned off. I am about to hit "publish" and get on with it already. Baby steps. They say the first step is admitting you have a problem.

No more email or reader feeds or steevoh for me for the next three hours. Promise. It can't be that hard can it?

Wish me luck and hopefully my clutter will diminished as a result. Lets hope.

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