Saturday, January 03, 2009

Here is this week's list of my weekend MovieRama!

Friends with Money
Charlies Angels
Fierce People
Girl Interrupted
The Fountain
Talk to Me

and say goodbye to (the link may or may not work past Jan 5, hard to tell since there are some savethejpgmag sites out there, unlikely though). I actually used to submit to the site before I found my footing on flickr.  Once things changed with the "management" and founders I let my subscription that Valentine bought for me expire and stopped regularly visiting.  I will say that I am sorry it couldn't survive in print format and online (think about how expensive it really must be to host all those photos for free and publish... wowza!) because it really was a great concept, perhaps they should have stayed quarterly, self published and not gone "national" but big dreams sometimes don't always work out.  And it is a shame.  Sure there is speculation on the horizon it might not shutter but it still is a statement on the publishing industry as a whole for sure.  I just hope for personal reasons of course that the local free paper stays around and keeps F employed.

F and I went to some friends for dinner last night and I have been obsessing about the cheese straws ever since I let the first buttery sharp cheddary spicy bite hit my tongue.  I have found a couple of recipes and being that F and I probably aren't doing anything tonite outside... I probably will run to the market in a little bit and buy the fixings and give it a shot.  All the recipes that I have found are mostly the same basic recipe so I am super excited. I only hope I can duplicate the deliciousness that I had last night.  It was amazing to go and have dinner and be a couple.  Nuts that I say it but it was really nice.
Just finished baking.  They turned out pretty damn good if I must say so myself.  Not as spicy as last night but that is fixable in the next batch.  For sure.  Next batch I will bump up the spice.  But honestly what was the most amazing part of the whole thing was using my Grandma Dorothy's cookie press.  I didn't ever think that I would use it and packed it away but tonite when I pulled it out (because amazingly enough I knew just where I packed it away) and made my recipe I have to say I got a little twinge, a twinge of sad that I couldn't call her and thank her for giving it to me because it was PERFECT  and a twinge of pride that I will use it often now that I have something great to use it for.  Melancholy joy for sure. 

I am totally obsessing about shoes too.  Next week I might have to pull the trigger on these.

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