Sunday, January 25, 2009

Movie-rama for the day...

Woke up and discussed our favorite movies... you know top 10 stuff... I really couldn't come up with ones that were my favorites but know that meant that I had to watch some movies today to determine if in fact any would be my favorite...

The Savages
The Puffy Chair
The Hawk is Dying
The Tunnel Dwellers of New York
Le Cirque: A table in Heaven

not a movie but watched none the less

The first three episodes of Damages from this season so far
some Robot Chicken
CSI from last week

Not really any of my favorites but certainly really good in their own ways.  This is why I can't pick favorites. 

I am planning on doing a little baking tonite I think, F wants cupcakes, I am ok with that and I can take the extras to Freak Train tomorrow night.  I also want to make some cheese straws and something for lunches for the week. 

I also have to call my Oprah.

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