Monday, December 15, 2008

mike tee vee

So I have this "thing".  Call it my David Cross "thing" it's all about cute bald funny boys in glasses... bonus...what can I say.  The only thing is, I see pictures of David Cross and I think... huh... yeah... make me your bitch David Cross.  Then I forget about it.  Then this weekend I was watching cable and I am watching Alvin and the Chipmunks and I think... really? Now do NOT get me wrong, I appreciate the producers hiring him because Zoe got the eye candy yesterday, Mr. Cross maybe made a buck or two for a residual yesterday on top of whatever he made signing on and it was nice since F wasn't over... but still... wow.  I know Mr. Cross got ALOT of flack for doing the movie, but why didn't Jason Lee, he was the f'n "star" and it was awful....huh? Where are the Jason Lee haters, why just dump on my not so super secret bald boy friend eye candy boy?  Either way... I will admit it, I watched most of (and certainly not all of) the movie yesterday afternoon.  I feel better.

I also watched Greys Anatomy from like three weeks ago and I am almost thinking that its over for me.  Sorry Shonda Rhimes but you are beginning to lose me and Steevoh.  I will wait out the rest of the season but I think its a done deal. 

I ate an entire can of pringles today too and now I am just so bizarrely thirsty ... thank you msg.

I am riding my email like a pony ride outside of KMart too today.  This is NOT a good thing. I am feeling super paranoid and beyond appalacigic about the whole thing too.  The email that I am expecting is not coming and it is frustrating the crap out of me.  I mean really.  Come on.... give me the goods me already.  GRRRRR. You are making Miss Zoe absolutely batshit. 

And maybe because I just saw Jersey Boys on Saturday (which was really terrific and worth the accolades), but seeing the House Party ad the other night... I just clicked on who the original was... nevermind you get to see Russell Simmons, Rev Run, Missy AND Beckham all in one video:

I do like the ad alot,makes me want to have a party minus the spray paint, it made me want to go and buy a pair too, I never had any Adiddas.  See I can't even spell it how can I have enough cred to own a pair of shell toes...

and here is the full remix video (thanks to the popup action on the ad on youtubes because I wouldn't have known who did the remix to bring it to you here):

Haven't really worked too hard today as you can tell.

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