Sunday, December 14, 2008

With the windchill factored in to tonite's weather... 36 below zero. That is mightily cold. And I have been out and about in this tonite. But its 10:15 and I am home, cozy in the house. I have moved the plants away from their original location near the patio doors, it is just freakin' cold and they shouldn't suffer either. It is going to be VERY difficult to get up and motivated tomorrow morning I can already tell. But I will be honest, I have my coffee ready for tomorrow morning.

I have a couple things going on this week which is good to keep me motivated.

Had a funny conversation about WalMart Friday night. I am going to say this one thing... I thought it was just me, but I am so very glad that it isn't. Phew. Speaking of Friday night, had a great time the whole evening. Was privy to a really nice conversation and liked having the Denver Local Music Scene Braintrust Overlords in my car, that was great. Later, the Red Bull and Vodka liquid courage ALMOST got me in trouble and I am glad Andrew pulled me outside to calm me the fuck down because Zoe was about to go a little silly and inappropirate, and yes, the cigarette helped. Thank you Andrew, Zoe has learned her lesson. Thank you F for not ridiculing me and beating me home as well. I do think that my interested is piqued... I might have to go to American Apparel as well by the way.

Had a really pretty nice weekend. Didn't bake like I wanted to today but I think that since I don't have much on deck I have to get into holiday gear. I am really truely just NOT feeling it at all. Not in a bah humbug kind of way, just not in a wooo hoooo big time holiday feeling. Seriously. Just not feeling it this year. And talking to J he wasn't either so again... phew... glad I am not the only one.

Ok this is a pretty sucky entry. I know this. So its done. Sorry you wasted the few minutes perusing... more when I am feelin' it.

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