Saturday, December 06, 2008

I am tired today. For no other reason than I am. I haven't done anything of any consideration outside of working last night. But I will say that I am happy that I finished up my work last night because this Monday when I go into the office I won't be stressing at all. I think I have only had one and a half cups of coffee at this point in the day which mid-afternoon is really strange for me. This probably explains alot.

I planned to run a couple errands this afternoon but really it ended up just a while ago as a run to Goodwill (glad I got the call beforehand) and took the bags of clothes and stuff for donation. There was this guy unloading his car who was being a little mean to the helper guy because he didn't just have receipts handy. It was sad to me. Give the guy a break dude.

I am watching Iron Chef now and am completely disgusted by the concept of gooey duck. This is probably something that I wouldn't search out to eat. I am enjoying watching the last minute scramble of the plating. That is always my favorite part of the show, watching the chefs plate.

It makes me hungry though and I am trying to figure out what I am going to do for dinner. I might go and hit The Counter. Mr. Sheehan didn't like Five Guys (even though for the size of the burger it is about a third less, much closer to my house and from my experience really good and cooked perfectly (sorry my burger wasn't burnt Mr. Sheehan, but we did go on a Saturday where it was PACKED and maybe the burgers spent less time on the flattop than yours) but makes The Counter sound like the second coming of Round the Corner. I don't so much care about the alcohol factor, but humane raised cows, ok I won't feel AS GUILTY. Can you tell I am craving some protein? But after looking at the menu, I realize I have all the ingredients to make burgers here. The only thing that is missing is french fries or potatoes of any kind here.

Um weirdness....George Duran is now hosting Secret Life of..., which is pretty cool. I love Ham on the Street though. I got a really great recipe for Rice Crispey treats with coffee from him. OH MA GAW that is totally what I am going to go and make RIGHT NOW. Seriously.

Signing off to go and bake...thank you FoodTv for getting me off the couch!

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